The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

There are many benefits to divorce mediation. But first, I should explain my thoughts on mediation. It is a lot like a swan gliding calmly on a pond. It’s not always exciting, but it’s also not sad. It is a process designed to allow peace, so that separating couples can move on with their lives in an amicable manner, free of resentment and bad feelings. Like a swan glides on a pond, so can you glide through the process of your divorce, seeing the good around you. And therein lays the first benefit of divorce mediation:

Divorce Mediation Causes Less Stress

When you don’t have to maneuver through the courts, an overworked judge is not deciding the terms of your divorce, and you are allowed to discuss the issues in a calm manner, you will not have near the amount of stress as someone going through the aforementioned hurdles. When you have less stress, your relationships are stronger, you feel calmer, and you can sleep better at night. Everyone wants less stress, so it makes sense to go with the process that will allow you to attain it.

Divorce Mediation Is Confidential

Unlike court hearings, where everything is documented and eventually deemed to be public record, divorce mediation is confidential. This matters to most couples as they can work out personal issues that most people would rather not share in a public courtroom. And even more importantly, Minnesota state law has determined that no one, including the separating parties, can use what was said in mediation against each other in court. The mediator, as well, cannot be used as a witness. Mediation is kind of like Las Vegas, except that the law explicitly states that what happens there, stays there.

Divorce Mediation Is Efficient

Rather than scheduling a new court date for every issue that needs to be resolved, mediation can work through one topic after another. You don’t have to wait for the court process when you commit to mediation. The only thing you have to do is show up to your session and try. It will be over before you know it.

Divorce Mediation Protects Families

When separating couples go through the court process, oftentimes there is damage committed that cannot be undone. Whether this is due to things that are said during court, or feelings that come from the process, is of no matter. The fact is divorce mediation encourages amicable agreements and compromise. This is important because if the couple has children, then the divorce process is often not the last they’ll see of each other. Children graduations and weddings are more than likely soon to come, and those events are about them. When couples go through divorce mediation, they are able to put bad feelings behind them and move on with their lives.

Divorce Mediation Is Less Expensive

Court fees can add up fast. And the typical divorce, with so many issues to resolve, can take months and years. Each court date necessitates legal fees. Divorce mediation is less expensive than going through the courts, and not only because of fees. The longer that a divorce plays out, the more each party has to pay for attorney fees, unresolved asset division, etc. Life is short. There is no need to go through the court process, wasting money and brewing spite.

Divorce Mediation Enables Co-Parenting

After a couple has gone through the court process for a divorce, they are much less likely to work together when it comes to parenting their children. A child who has parents who work as a team, a united front—even divorced parents—will grow up stronger and more likely to succeed. If each parent is not working against the other, then custody time is better spent.

The goal of mediation is peace. People spend thousands, millions, and even billions of dollars to achieve this. And you can get closer to it simply by attempting to compromise. It’s worth a try. Give me a call today and we can set up a meeting and you will see that I have the listening and trusting ear you have been searching for.

The Zoom hearing was held this morning. Our session was very easy with yes or no questions and confirmations. The judge thanked us for what we had done to get to this point. This was not an easy thing for me. You helped the clerical, business, and human sides alike. Thank you, Lesa.