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I believe in trust and communication. And that is exactly what divorce mediation is, along with compromise. While many people see divorce on TV and in the movies as a fight, it doesn’t have to be when the route of divorce mediation is taken, and when both parties fully commit to the process. The right mediator will help to foster an environment of communication and trust, allowing two parties that are separating due to their difference to come together and work out an amicable agreement to their separation.

Divorce mediation is less expensive than the court process, and less stressful. Less stress means more peace.

The benefits of working with a divorce mediator are right above. It is less expensive and less stressful. It is more efficient, as well. The court process can take months and years to maneuver through, each step requiring a new court date to be set and waited for. But a divorce mediator can help you walk through each step of your divorce in a timely and often peaceful manner. This is the goal of every mediator.

I tend to look at divorce mediation like that of a swan gliding on a pond. The swan isn’t necessarily sad or happy, but it is content, feeling peace as it glides on the pond. This is a lot like divorce mediation. It isn’t fun work, but it isn’t meant to cause stress, either. The work of a divorce mediator is to provide separating couples with the same peace that a swan feels. And the search for peace is often what leads people to this situation in the first place.

Divorce Mediation Process

When you begin the divorce mediation process, the first thing to do is to find a mediator who you both feel you can trust; someone who will listen to your concerns. The best mediators enable people to work out their problems together. The positive results that can be gained from divorce mediation not only enable you to feel better, but your good peaceful feelings can be felt by your children as well.

Divorce mediation will encourage communication so that people can agree on the terms of their divorce. Topics that are typically discussed during this process include parenting time and custody, division of assets and acquired property, and child and spousal support. Not only is mediation less expensive and stressful, but by agreeing to mediation, you can decide on these important issues, rather than putting these issues in the hands of an overworked court system. Divorce mediation allows you to feel empowered with your life, so that you can move forward with a clean slate.

Experienced Divorce Mediator

I have been mediating all my life, no matter what my career title said. I feel that communication is very important and that most problems stem from a breakdown of communication. A journalism degree from St. Thomas has enabled me to enhance my communication skills, while a Master’s in Health and Human Services has helped bring out my compassion. And as an attorney, I have the legal background necessary to complete all required paperwork so that your individual lawyers only need to file when the process is complete. I understand the courts and can help you attain the peace you have been searching for.

My office is located in Woodbury, MN, and I am here to help couples from around the area with divorce mediation. From my office and peaceful conference room overlooking the St. Croix River, I mostly serve separating couples in the east St. Paul metro, St. Croix County and Washington County, as well as the specific cities of Afton, Hudson, Lake Elmo, Lakeland, Maplewood, North St. Paul, Oakdale, Stillwater, St. Croix Valley, St. Paul, and Woodbury.

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The Zoom hearing was held this morning. Our session was very easy with yes or no questions and confirmations. The judge thanked us for what we had done to get to this point. This was not an easy thing for me. You helped the clerical, business, and human sides alike. Thank you, Lesa.