Family Lawyer & Divorce Mediator Serving Woodbury, MN

Lesa Koski’s mission is to offer compassionate, complete, competent services while making her life such that it blesses humankind. This mission is palpable when you shake Lesa’s hand. Clients love working with Lesa because she is trustworthy and capable. Above all Lesa Koski is a brilliant communicator, bar none. “I cannot count the number of clients who have been so thankful that I answer their questions quickly and clearly. I am so happy to serve clients and make a difficult situation easier.“

Lesa Koski has been an attorney for over 15 years. She began doing family and divorce mediations and realized she could also serve clients who needed Family Law Services rather than mediation services.

Family Law Background

Lesa’s background in communication is her greatest asset. Lesa learned she was especially skilled at conveying information early in life. She continued to hone into this gift academically. Graduating from St. Thomas in 1990 Lesa studied communication obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Journalism. She continued on obtaining her Masters's in Health and Human Services. Lesa Koski believes that more knowledge = more power to serve. Law school was one vehicle she utilized to strengthen her ability.

Since law school Lesa has continued to grow and serve. She has been married for 25 years and has the privilege of raising three beautiful children. Two are now adults; making the time right to extend her Mediation practice to include Family Law services.

Divorce Mediator or Family Lawyer

Sometimes Divorce Mediator, Lesa Koski-who serves the Woodbury and Stillwater area, also wears the Family Law Lawyer. A Divorce Mediator who is also an attorney needs to be very careful to either represent a client as an attorney or a mediator; never both. Lesa Koski works closely with area attorneys when she is involved in Mediation.

If Lesa Koski has ever worked with you as a Divorce Mediator she will not act as your Family Law Attorney. Please feel free to contact Ms. Koski if you have worked with her in the past as a Mediator. She would be happy to recommend other Attorneys that serve the Stillwater and Woodbury areas. The reason a Mediator does not act as an attorney is due to the fact that when couples go through Mediation they are not getting any legal support. They are putting together a legal document-their divorce decree- however the Divorce Mediator is there to support the communication between the divorcing couple not to act as an attorney.

If you have any questions regarding Family, Elder Law or Mediation please contact Lesa. She offers a 30-minute consultation in her beautiful office on the St. Croix River.

The Zoom hearing was held this morning. Our session was very easy with yes or no questions and confirmations. The judge thanked us for what we had done to get to this point. This was not an easy thing for me. You helped the clerical, business, and human sides alike. Thank you, Lesa.