Virtual Mediation Services Woodbury, MN

Thanks to advances in technology, Lesa Koski is proud to now offer virtual divorce mediation services to individuals in Minnesota. Based in Woodbury, MN, Lesa brings the same level of compassion to her virtual divorce mediation sessions that she does to her in-person meetings. With more and more business transactions moving online, it’s imperative that mediators also adjust to the changing times by offering virtual mediation services.

How Does Virtual Mediation Work?

Virtual Divorce Mediation Woodbury, MN

Virtual mediation is very similar to traditional in-office mediation. You will simply work with Lesa to come up with a mediation time that is suitable for all parties. You’ll then login to a free video conference where your mediation will take place just as if everyone was in the same room. This way you and your divorcing spouse can be located in separate places and still work out an amicable separation agreement.

Benefits of Virtual Mediation 

There are a whole host of benefits to virtual divorce mediation, a few of which include:

  • Physical Distance – While we hope that all of our clients are on amicable terms with their divorcing spouse, this is simply not always the case. Virtual mediation sessions allow all parties to be located separately so that emotions do not get the best of anyone. One of Lesa’s unique passions and gifts is being able to help divorcing couples work through their problems amicably and with compassion and grace. Virtual mediation helps to make this process just a bit easier.
  • Environmental Challenges – With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, states across the country are encouraging residents to stay home as much as possible. This can make attending divorce mediation sessions extremely difficult. Virtual divorce mediation offers a way for divorcing couples to work through any disagreements in the comfort of their own home, without ever having to set foot in an office where contamination may be a concern. Lesa Koski has always worked extremely hard to make her mediation services available to all and she feels strongly that virtual mediation is another avenue individuals can use even if they’re not able to physically come to her office.
  • More Ease of Access – Virtual mediation offers access to those who may be living in smaller towns but still want access to divorce mediation services. Lesa is able to offer virtual mediation services in MN.
  • Convenience – With virtual mediation, couples are able to complete sessions from home, work or even while traveling. Virtual mediation allows couples to not only save money, but time as well. By holding mediation session virtually, couples can still mediate their divorce settlement even despite busy and complicated schedules.

MN Courts Now Supporting Virtual Divorce Filings

Currently in Minnesota you can file for divorce virtually. If a hearing is required it can be done by video conference. Keep in mind, there are certain instances where a hearing is not necessary.

All divorce hearings will be held by phone through April, 2020.

Interested in Learning More about Virtual Divorce Mediation?

In today’s unprecedented times, stress is at an all-time high. If you and your partner have decided to divorce but are looking for an effective and economical way to reach a settlement agreement, virtual divorce mediation may be a great option. Lesa works extremely hard to ensure both parties needs and wants are heard and that an amicable agreement is reached that is agreeable for both individuals. To learn more about how you can start the virtual mediation process, feel free to reach out to Lesa Koski today by phone at 651-214-5057 or via email at [email protected].

The Zoom hearing was held this morning. Our session was very easy with yes or no questions and confirmations. The judge thanked us for what we had done to get to this point. This was not an easy thing for me. You helped the clerical, business, and human sides alike. Thank you, Lesa.