Terrified Your Divorce Will Damage Your Children? 7 Reasons Why a Parenting Plan Will Mitigate the Damage Caused by Divorce

child custody co-parenting communication divorce mediation parenting plan Jul 29, 2022

At Koski Law & Mediation, we recommend that all of our divorce mediation clients with children complete a Parenting Plan. And now you can too with my Parenting plan online course.

The reason I am passionate about mediation is the huge impact it has on children.  As you are aware, parents will be connected for the rest of their lives.  Children need both parents.  This is always my
clients’ number one concern.  We all have heard the scary statistics about how divorce affects children.  Let me ease your mind a bit, when parents work together without conflict they can mitigate the negative impact of divorce on kids.  Because what will happen with their children during divorce is a parents # 1 concern, I focused on how I could help. 

Thus, I delved into creating a parenting plan course.  An online course, where do-it-yourself types could get started on their divorce paperwork by completing the parenting plan course.  This is often the first step I take with my divorcing clients.  There is always a sigh of relief when divorcing clients know (and
actually create) the plan for their kids.  It also seems to be one of the areas of divorce that is easier to agree upon.  Even if parent’s hate (too harsh?) each other they always love their kids.  Doing what is best for them is their number one priority.

7 Reasons Why You Need a Parenting Plan

1. Parents know what is best for their children. Our legal system does its best but they don’t know your kids like you do. Creating a parenting plan allows the parents to decide how they will parent into the future.

2. When you are going through divorce emotions are high. You cannot wrap your head around what you need to think about in the future planning of your children. The parenting plan or my online course is comprehensive and effective. It covers all the things: how will you introduce a significant other, when will you allow them to have phones or social media accounts, how do you feel about immunizations? The list goes on and on.

3. The parents can work on this together. Even if you will both be hiring attorneys to represent you through a divorce, you can do the parenting plan together. This saves you a lot of money and time. You will not need to be concerned about the billable hours while negotiating the best plan for your kids.

4. It is affordable. It is so much more economical to have a plan in place, rather than fighting over the kids into the future.

5. It is flexible. You can change the parenting plan at any time as long as you both agree. You can add paragraphs that you for-see as being issue producing.

6. You will come up with a working schedule for your kids on a daily basis and over holidays.

7. The best thing for your children is to have both parents working together. When kids know they are loved, the parents have everything under control and that you will both be a part of their lives they can feel peace even through the divorce process.

The Course is simple to use and includes the  10 modules outlined below:

The Divorcing Together Parenting Plan:

Module 1:  Why you need a Parenting plan
Module 2:  The Parenting Plan Form (How clients input their own information   
in the boiler plate form)
Module 3: General Principals of the Parenting Plan
Module 4: Residence, Schedules and the Right of First Refusal
Module 5: Vacation Time and Holiday Schedule
Module 6: Education/Extracurricular and Religion
Module 7:  Communication
Module 8: Health and Safety
Module 9: Miscellaneous
Module 10: Cheers!

Address and prepare for your #1 concern during divorce by having a solid parenting plan in place. You can sign up at Lesa Koski online courses or connect with me.

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