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Introducing Soberlink

You may have heard me mention my swan analogy - how mediation is a lot like a swan gliding on a lake - not necessarily happy, not necessarily sad, but content, calm, and peaceful. 

In custody cases involving alcohol, it can be difficult to find peace of mind if you feel your child’s safety is in jeopardy. 

Soberlink helps ease those concerns and improve child safety, which is why I recommend it to all my clients who raise concerns over a co-parent’s alcohol misuse.  

Soberlink’s remote alcohol monitoring technology allows parents to receive real-time alerts multiple times a day, ensuring the child is with a sober parent. 

Similar to mediation, Soberlink is time and cost-effective and worth every penny, knowing your child is safe. 

To begin receiving real-time alerts that your child is safe and to receive $50 off your device visit Soberlink today!

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