FInding Forgiveness Through Your MN Divorce

divorce mediation doing divorce differently forgiveness Jan 24, 2023
Forgiveness through your MN Divorce

Forgiveness through your MN divorce can feel heavy. Taking a step towards accepting someone’s actions and forgiving them for the wrong you think was caused takes a lot of thoughtful work and healing. During my latest conversation with Tracy Pleschourt, we discussed the four N’s of forgiveness from her latest retreat. 


Notice: Notice the story you are telling about the person or experience you have negative feelings towards. Grab a pen and paper and write the story to relieve the emotional suffering you are feeling. Take note of how the experience impacts you today and the comprehensive results you carry with you today. 


Normalize: Accept the emotions you feel because of the person or experience. Allow yourself to be justified in your feelings. The feelings came from the situation; they are expected. Give empathy and grace to yourself. 


Neutralize: Start asking questions about the person or situation. What else might the other person be going through? Take your feelings out of the equation and try to emphasize with them. Look at the bigger picture. 


Next Best Thoughts: Now that you’ve created distance from the situation, think about what gifts or opportunities came from the circumstance. What are you making it mean? Do those thoughts/feelings serve us? If not, it’s time to let it go.


I had a massive breakthrough during my recent podcast conversation regarding how I handle friendships. Due to circumstances with a friendship in high school, I unknowingly have created distance in all my friendships since then. I often don’t let people get close because I don’t want to get hurt. After this conversation with Tracy, I now know that I need to forgive my high school friend, thank her for the time she was in my life, and move forward with trusting that not all friendships are the same. I now know I am allowed richer friendships after that forgiveness. 


It isn’t always easy to forgive someone; however, it is the best way to heal and move forward. If you do not allow for forgiveness, you will carry those emotions into your life. Forgiveness creates freedom to move forward. I promise you; there is the option to forgive and feel lighter afterward. Grab the forgiveness worksheet off my website and find where you might be stuck!  

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