Make Money Your Best Friend Through Your MN Divorce

divorce and finances doing divorce differently make money your best friend mn divorce mn divorce mediator Mar 30, 2023
Money and mn divorce

Did you know that by the age of 7 our beliefs around money are already formed? These beliefs are then carried throughout our life.  We need to tune into them and decide if they are the stories that we want to continue carrying forward, especially when you are navigating your MN divorce. This is a fact I learned this week on the Doing Divorce Different with CPA and financial coach Linda Lingo


If you constantly tell yourself that you are bad at managing money, then you will make sure that is true. You may avoid opening mail or paying your bills on time. Then you get a late fee - which makes the story that you are bad at managing money correct. Instead, open up that mail and pay the bills on time. Show yourself that you can manage money well and that it can be your best friend. 


I remember my earliest lesson around money was when I was 12; my parents gave my brother and I an allowance.  We needed to budget and purchase everything with our allowance. My brother was so excited, but I felt hesitant and unsure of what to do, which led me to avoid finances. Creating a story that I didn't want to deal with money. In order to change that story and make money my best friend, Linda, advised me to ask myself the following questions.


  1. Write down my first memory of money
  2. Did my parents talk to me about money? 
  3. Did my parents argue about money?
  4. Is this the belief that I want to have about money?
  5. If not, how can I reframe my beliefs about money? 


Our money beliefs are also carried into our marriages. Generally, there is one person who is good at saving and one person who spends significantly more. This also means that money beliefs are brought into a divorce. It’s so important that women uncover their money beliefs so they can control finances, ultimately leading to freedom, a feeling of security, abundance, and gratitude. 


If you are curious about hiring Linda as a financial coach, contact her on her website; she has some wonderful free resources! As always, I am here to help with mediation through divorce, so that we can uncover those financial stories and work together to reach a comfortable division of assets, for support contact me at

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