St. Paul, MN Attorney turned mediator announces a New Online Divorce Course

Sep 23, 2022
St Paul, MN Attorney Mediator announces Online Divorce Couse

I am so excited to share with my audience and clients  the new Minnesota Online Divorce Course

Clients have been asking for an easy, affordable, and effective way to divorce for years.  Mediation fits this, but sometimes clients' needs go beyond that. 

I am proud to announce my new MN Divorce Course.  I remember hearing during COVID that anything we can do in front of people  can be done  through an online course and I am offering you just that.  

This program will give you tips and tools to communicate well while you work through your divorce paperwork.  You will have all of the authentic MN Divorce Forms along with explanations on how to fill them out correctly and next steps.  You will also receive one free hour of consultation time with me to ensure accuracy. 

In addition to completing the divorce paperwork efficiently, parents' minds will be put at ease with free access to my online Parenting Plan Course.  

This is an opportunity for couples to have a comprehensive path through divorce and a better life beyond.  

These online programs eliminate the confusion and fear as I hold your hand through the process.  

I couldn’t be more excited to show my clients a better way to divorce. 

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