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Best Divorce Mediator

child custody civil mediation divorce mediation May 30, 2018
Best Divorce Mediator

Lesa Koski is a leading divorce mediator in the Minnesota area, serving the people of Oak Park Heights, Bay Port, Hudson, Lake Elmo, and many other local communities. Lesa Koski understands Minnesota law as it pertains to divorce and has turned that expertise into excellent service to divorcing couples who have learned about the benefits of mediated divorce over the traditional court-based processes of divorce.

Navigating Divorce With The Help Of A Mediator

Among the most difficult and least expected experiences in life is divorce. It’s generally considered to be one of the five most stressful life events, along with the death of a family member, the loss of one’s job, or a catastrophic illness. These are sources of stress that have been studied for decades, and they remain at the top of the list of experiences that cause the greatest amount of sustained difficulty in our lives. A mediator like Lesa Koski can give you the benefit of her vast experience to guide you through the divorce process.

Divorce Mediation Helps Reduce Stress

Lesa Koski ’s willingness to give you her perspective through mediation, which includes doing the most good for all involved, signals that she is not simply looking to profit financially from your marital difficulty. She encourages you to find the best possible match for your specific and unique needs. And if you choose her as your advocate through the divorce process, you will be given the benefit of Lesa Koski’s depth of experience with Minnesota divorce law. On top of that, Lesa’s qualifications as a divorce mediator mean that you will likely be able to avoid much of the stress that is associated with court-based divorce.

Mediation Or The Court To Settle Divorce?

Mediated divorce tends to be significantly less expensive than traditional court-based divorces, in part because there is less likely to be an adversarial component present. Without opposing lawyers representing both people, the likelihood of conflict decreases. A divorce mediator, by nature and definition, tries to minimize the negative impact of conflict and works to help you and your divorcing partner find the most workable solutions for all involved. Mediation also takes less time, allowing you to settle the important aspects of your divorce in weeks not months. Mediation is entirely confidential and also allows for creative solutions to the issues such as parenting agreements, spousal/child support payments and division of assets.

Best Divorce Mediator

If you have children, that facet of mediated divorce takes on new importance. When divorcing parents are able to settle their differences with less conflict, they are better able to focus attention and energy on the well being of their children. But regardless of the level of conflict that exists between you and your spouse, a divorce mediator like Lesa Koski can help you get through a very difficult time with less conflict and a greater sense of readiness to get on with the rest of your life. Call Lesa Koski at (651) 214-5057 to schedule an appointment.

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