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Best Minnesota Divorce Mediator

civil mediation divorce mediation Jun 29, 2018
Best Minnesota Divorce Mediator

Lesa Koski is an experience and trusted divorce mediator, whose goal is to help couples navigate divorce with minimal conflict. As society changes, so too do our attitudes about such things as divorce. Divorce is not only a more common occurrence in our society, it has become more accepted. As a result, the process of getting a divorce has changed. Couples no longer must employ lawyers and fight it out in the court system. Divorce mediation has become a viable option for settling aspects of a divorce without a court battle. In Fact, Minnesota courts have court ordered couples to go to mediation. Couples who work with Lesa Koski find that their interests are well represented, their positions understood, and their conflicts more likely to be resolved. Lesa Koski focuses on fairness and good communication to help couples find their way forward.

Divorce mediation has many benefits including costing less than a court battle, taking less time, and empowering the couple to make decisions for the future of your family, rather than placing that responsibility in the hands of a judge. Lesa Koski believes that mediation can work well for most couples.

Divorce Mediation Process

Lesa Koski conducts a number of joint sessions with you and your spouse, during which she works with you on the three major aspects of most divorce settlements. Those main components tend to be:

● Dividing property currently owned by the couple.
● Determining financial support.
● Creating a parenting plan, if you have children.

Lesa will work with you and your divorcing spouse on the following steps to find resolution for these important issues:

1. Working with you to create an action plan and determine the priority of the issues that need to be resolved.
2. Determining whether the circumstances warrant the use of other professional services, such as from appraisers, accountants, and therapists.
3. Accounting for your assets and liabilities.
4. Reaching agreement on how best to divide your property.
5. Making budgets for both of you to be used after finalizing your divorce.
6. Determining whether child support and/or spousal maintenance will be part of the settlement.
7. Creating a parenting plan to maximize continuity and minimize disruption to your children.

Confidential Mediation Services

You can also trust that Lesa Koski will treat all of the information in your divorce settlement and all content of mediated discussions with utmost confidentiality and sensitivity. Lesa Koski understands the complexities of Minnesota divorce law, and this expertise must be in place for you to feel confident in your divorce mediator. If you are interested in a free Divorce Mediation Consultation, you can contact Lesa Koski in the following ways: by phone at 651-214-5057 or by email at [email protected]

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