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Child Custody Agreement Modifications in Minnesota

child custody divorce mediation Aug 23, 2018
Child Custody Agreement Modifications in Minnesota

If you have a child custody agreement with your former spouse and need to change it for any reason, Lesa Koski can help. Contracts of any kind are bound to cause people to believe that they cannot be modified, but the truth is that they can. Divorced couples sometimes even agree on how to modify their custody agreements. Whether you and your former spouse are in agreement or in conflict over the current state of your custody agreement, know that you can find help and support from Lesa Koski, a divorce mediator that specializes in child custody modification.

Is It Possible to Make Changes to a Child Custody Agreement

Determining the child custody agreement is often the most stressful and contentious part of a divorce proceeding. How you and your spouse will spend time with your children is a vitally important issue for you and your children. If you and your ex-spouse are engaged and involved in your children’s lives, you will likely want to spend as much time with them as possible. And when an agreement has been in place, but needs to be modified, you may feel stress, concern and even anxiety. A mediator can help facilitate communication about the changes that need to be made and empower you and your ex-spouse to find solutions that will help you move forward.

The actual task of modifying a child custody agreement is relatively simple. The appropriate paperwork will need to be filed in the court where the original child custody agreement was filed. What is often more difficult is deciding on the terms of the new agreement. Lesa Koski can help you with both aspects of modifying a child custody agreement.

Common Reasons to Change Your Child Custody Agreement

If you have questions about whether or not you need to modify your child custody agreement, Lesa can help you there too. If you worked with Lesa to mediate your divorce, you will know that she is committed to her clients during and after their divorce proceedings. Her advocacy on your behalf is combined with deep knowledge of Minnesota divorce law and mediating disagreements with divorced couples.

Some common reasons for changes to a child custody agreement include:

● A parent having new work responsibilities that make it difficult to meet the terms of the previous agreement
● One parent relocating to a new area
● The wishes of the child (or children)
● The changing needs of the child as he/she ages
● Domestic violence concerns
● Physical or emotional needs of a child or parent

To discuss making a change to your child custody agreement, contact Lesa Koski calling (651) 214-5057, or emailing [email protected].

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