Child Custody Legal Help

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Child Custody Legal Help

Whether you’re going through a divorce or separation, protecting your children from the process can feel like the most important – and most impossible – challenge you’re tasked with. As a parent, making sure your child has the best future possible is your highest priority, and it can be immensely challenging to decide what that future might look like – especially when you’re going through a separation. How will you split parenting time between you and your former partner? How will your child react to the changes? How can you make the separation as simple and peaceful as possible? All of these questions can be answered through child custody mediation. Lesa Koski is a Stillwater, Minnesota family law specialist who’s made it her mission to help families find resolutions during separation. While the outcome is never the same, the process for determining child custody is clear, and Lesa can help you understand and work through the legal challenges that come with child custody.

Creating Child Custody Agreements

When determining child custody, it’s not enough to simply decide what you or your former partner feel is best for your child. You have to reach a legally equitable agreement. What does this mean, exactly? Every decision in a child custody agreement has to be considered through the lens of what’s legally acceptable, so when we help you determine a fair custody agreement, we take into account the:

  • Relationships between your child and yourself, and your child and their other parent
  • Past treatment of the child by both parents, including any parenting issues or disputes settled in the past
  • Amount of time each parent spends with the child on a daily basis
  • Location of the child’s school and other activities, which could help determine where they should be placed
  • Support typically provided by each parent, including financial, physical, and emotional support
  • Specific needs of the child

Each situation is different, and every detail is important when determining a child custody agreement that’s the best fit for everyone.

Types of Child Custody

Perhaps you already have a type of child custody in mind, or maybe you’re not sure what your options may be. Take a look at these custody agreement types to understand what different terms mean and what option might be best for you and your child:

  • Legal custody. Having legal custody of your child means that you have the right to completely determine all elements of your child’s upbringing, and their other parent does not have any legal rights. This does not mean that you can’t allow them to play a role in these decisions, but in the eyes of the court, you are the main decision-maker about things like healthcare, education, religion, home address, and more.
  • Joint legal custody. When joint legal custody is assigned, both parents equally share the rights of legal custody.
  • Physical custody and residence. You make decisions about the daily care of your child and where your child will live.
  • Joint physical custody. Both parents share in deciding the residence and care of a child.

If you’re looking for child custody legal help in Stillwater, MN, Lesa Koski is here to make sure you have all the information and support you need. Contact us at (651) 214-5057 or [email protected] to create and manage a workable child custody agreement.

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