Child Custody Mediator

child custody co-parenting divorce mediation Nov 28, 2018
Child Custody Mediator

Divorce is difficult under any circumstances.  If you have children, your divorce is even more stressful. Lesa Koski can help you by providing child-custody mediation, a service that she has used with positive results for many divorcing parents.  Custody issues can create conflict between parents, and the questions that are created when couples decide to get divorced beg for fast answers.  Lesa Koski can help you expedite the process and help you find the answers needed to reduce stress. Lesa Koski is an expert in Minnesota divorce law.  Possession of such expertise is necessary when mediating a divorce proceeding that involves child custody issues.

Partner with an Experienced Child Custody Mediator

The role of a child custody mediator is to provide a neutral third-party perspective.  This neutrality is critically important to ensure that all perspectives are heard and considered when the issue of child custody is introduced.  Conflict between divorcing parents can cause a loss of perspective, which can take you off the track of what is in your children’s best interest.  A child custody mediator with the skills that Lesa Koski possesses can help you get back on track.  Lesa works on the assumption that divorcing parents always want what is in their children’s best interests, but she also understands that the stress of divorce can cause parents to lose perspective.  The mediation process can be instrumental in helping you ensure that your children will be taken care of.

Lesa Koski has established a stellar reputation for fairness in mediation and helping divorcing parents come to mutual agreement on child custody issues.  She is excellent at helping parents remember that divorce can be made easier when parents focus on the needs of their children rather than their own needs.

Child Custody Mediation

The ideal outcome of the child custody mediation process is an agreement that allows both parents to feel good about the visitation schedule and the plan for how the children will be raised following the divorce.  Unless there is reason to believe that a parent poses a health or safety risk to your children, the creation of a successful child custody plan is always possible.  Lesa Koski will communicate her genuine concern for you, your divorcing spouse, and your children.  As a result, she is helpful in increasing flexibility among divorcing parents and optimizing the opportunities associated with developing a good and agreeable child custody agreement.  To schedule an appointment, call Lesa today at (651) 214-5057.

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