Co-Parenting Agreement Modification

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Co-Parenting Agreement Modification

When you have a child, your life changes dramatically in many different ways. One of the most powerful changes is the love that you feel for your child and the connection you develop with your partner. Even if the two of you decide to separate or divorce, your children will always connect you. In addition, your relationship will shift from your marriage to a co-parenting relationship. Lesa Koski is a trained mediator who specializes in helping couples who have divorced continue to co-parent successfully. She has the legal background and experience to help you modify a co-parenting agreement, so that you can save time, money and stay out of the courts.

Reasons a Co-Parenting Agreement Might Need to be Modified

Many things can happen after a divorce that might require a co-parenting agreement modification. Some of the most common issues that require these changes include:

 Preferences of child: After a divorce, a child may begin to voice their own preferences about how they spend their time. And you may decide you want to allow your kids to have a say in how a custody agreement is structured.
 Child’s age: As children age, they develop different interests, activities, friend groups. New social or academic commitments may mean that one parent sees the child less and a new co-parenting agreement can address these changes and make sure that the schedule remains fair. In addition, a custody schedule that worked when the children were young just may no longer work as well for an older child.
 Relocation: If one parent has to move for a job or other reason, there may be reasons that a co-parenting agreement needs to be altered.
 Child’s emotional or physical health: If you find that your child is the victim of domestic violence or emotional abuse (by a parent, step-parent or other family member) you will want to modify a co-parenting agreement quickly.

Post-Divorce Mediation Services

Lesa Koski has extensive experience with post-divorce mediation, including modifying an existing co-parenting agreement. She works to help ex-spouses find solutions to the issues that come up after divorce, so that co-parenting is successful and healthy. Lesa is an excellent communicator and works to build trust and openness with her clients. She finds that this helps facilitate positive and productive discussions that produce solutions that are in the best interest for all involved. To speak directly with Lesa, call her at 651-214-5057.

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