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communication divorce mediation Oct 29, 2020
Divorce mediation MN | Communicating Well

If you are here you are probably going through a difficult time.  I am sorry and I truly want to help you.  Please call or email now for a free consultation.  When I go through difficult life events they feel stressful and draining; I remind myself that it is temporary and usually strengthening.  You have the power to renew yourself and begin your healing journey.

My hope is that after people work with me they grow while learning things that serve their future.  Learning how to communicate is essential to life and Divorce Mediation.  I am going to take some time in the next few months to share communication tips from one of my favorite authors, John Maxwell.  In his book Everyone Communicates Few Connect, he gives dynamite information.  Communicating well will enhance the Mediation experience, as well as future relationships.

Communication is the key to, well, everything.  Here is the first communication concept to help you succeed in your Divorce Mediation and grow as a person.  In his first chapter Maxwell discusses how connecting helps influence people.  When you are in the midst of a nasty disagreement usually the most important thing to you is to influence the other person.  This seems self-centered but let’s dig deeper.  When you truly connect with someone it’s not about you-it’s about them; thus, if you connect with someone it really isn’t self-centered.  I am telling you, if you can do this in a Mediation it will be magic.  This is hard.  It’s hard for me.  When I am angry at my husband and want him to see my way, it’s hard for me to stop and connect with him.

People are generally closer to connecting than they think.  Often conflicts arise because parties forget to try to connect (or understand what the other party is actually saying).  Let me help you connect today.  I am always available for a free consultation.  Call or email now for your free consultation.

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