Compassionate Divorce Mediation Services In Ca

divorce mediation mediated divorce virtual meditation Feb 17, 2021
Virtual Divorce Mediation in California

When you have a conflict within your family unit, it can be extremely difficult on all involved. Going through the courts to resolve it can unfortunately add fuel to the fire so to speak, often adding additional stress and conflict to an already sensitive issue. Mediation is uniquely suited to help families resolve these types of issues, often reducing the conflict and encouraging collaboration. Mediation also allows for compassion, trust, communication and understanding in a way that the court system is simply not set up for. Lesa Koski offers compassionate and highly effective divorce mediation services for those in the Los Angeles area.

Benefits of Choosing Virtual Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is considered an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) technique and is actually encouraged by the courts before you begin the litigation process. Lesa can help resolve issues related to your divorce (division of property, developing a parenting plan, etc), child custody amendments, issues related to child support and spousal support. Lesa is a natural communicator so she will instantly connect with both parties, build trust and offer compassionate service. This is simply missing during the litigation process which is built on a win/lose outcome and very often adds additional pain to a situation. Lesa’s divorce mediation services solved problems while reducing the conflict and pain so that you can move forward in a healthier way.

The mediation process is based on the idea that you are empowered to resolve the issue in the most positive and productive way possible yourselves. Leaving important life decisions about your divorce or the custody of your children in the hands of a lawyer and a judge simply cannot possibly yield the same personalized results. Mediation allows you to be flexible and find solutions that will work best for your family. Finally, divorce mediation takes less time and is less expensive than a court battle, which can also reduce the overall stress of the situation.

Experienced Mediator in Los Angeles California

Given the pandemic, Lesa is able to offer virtual mediation services if you prefer to complete the process from the comfort of your own home, without risking potential infection. For more information about Lesa’s highly effective and compassionate divorce mediation services, call 651-214-5057 or email [email protected].

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