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Divorce Coaching in Woodbury MN

divorce mediation mediated divorce May 09, 2019
Divorce Coaching in Woodbury MN

It is well known that getting divorced is a major source of life stress.  Its impact on many people who go through divorce is similar to experiencing a death in the family, a catastrophic illness, the loss of a job, or moving to a new part of the country without a built-in support network.  Divorce can be, and often is, extremely hard.  But just as each of the major sources of stress listed above can be lessened with various strategies, so too can the stress of divorce.  Lesa Koski offers Divorce Coaching in Woodbury, MN that has helped many individuals get through the stress of divorce. She can help you.

What is a Divorce Coach?

A divorce coach serves a role similar to that of a divorce mediator, who works to help you and your divorcing spouse end your legal marriage by addressing outstanding issues and unresolved conflict.  A major difference between a divorce coach and a divorce mediator, however, is that a divorce coach works with only one of the divorcing spouses.  A divorce mediator collaborates with both spouses to resolve the remaining issues, but a divorce coach provides their services to you and you alone.

Having the support of a divorce coach like Lesa Koski can help you feel more confident in your decisions and less like you are losing your sanity.  What many people who go through divorce lack is a much needed sense of perspective. Lesa Koski can provide you with a number of things that you might otherwise be missing.

  • Lesa’s knowledge of Minnesota divorce law is an indispensable source of information. Having access to the knowledge that Lesa Koski possesses about divorce in Minnesota empowers you to understand the scope and limitations of your soon-to-be-former-spouse’s claims and assertions.
  • Lesa’s compassion helps her apply her vast knowledge of Minnesota divorce law in a way that allows you to feel comforted and better prepared to meet the demands of the divorce process. Lesa Koski’s background is well suited to compassionate communication, and when you are in the middle of one of life’s most difficult experiences, the knowledge that your divorce coach values kindness and was born to help people can relieve a great deal of stress.
  • Lesa is also able to help you move forward into the next chapter of your life. The guidance that she provides as a divorce coach creates a feeling of empowerment and readiness for what comes next in your life.

Navigate Your Divorce with the Help of an Experienced Divorce Coach

For more information about Lesa Koski’s divorce coaching services in Woodbury, MN, call (651) 214-5057.

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