Is it Time to Divorce? You Don’t Have to Fight it Out in a Minnesota Court

divorce divorce court divorce mediation Jan 13, 2023
Divorce Minnesota Courts St. Paul, MN and western WI

This week I had the wonderful opportunity of being interviewed by Sheila and Kieth Hittner from the Our Healthy Homes radio show. We had such a wonderful conversation about divorce mediation. During this interview, my main focus was to bring this simple truth to light: divorce doesn’t have to play out in a MN courtroom. Many times, working with a mediator is a better option for couples that want to work together through their divorce. Below I am sharing some of my biggest takeaways from our conversation. 


  1. Finances are one of the main stressors in a relationship. Whether you just got married or have been married for many years, money can be stressful. There may be times when there isn’t enough money coming in, or one spouse feels like the other isn’t pulling their weight, or maybe someone just lost their job. Now factor in a divorce on top of that. Bringing in a third party to help create a new budget can relieve some of the stress divorcing couples experience. 
  2. Why is it important to work with a mediator? Divorce is hard. There are a lot of emotions involved and many clients feel like their life is being ripped apart. Working with a mediator can really help couples work through the process and set themselves up for success during and after their divorce. 
  3. Being honest through the divorce process is crucial. In order to find solutions that everyone can agree on, there needs to be transparency between each individual and the mediator. A mediator can help work out a couple’s differences and build a divorce plan or a co-parenting plan that works for everyone involved. 


As a mediator, it is my goal to support my clients through their divorce. I do want this to be an opportunity for them, even if it’s hard for them to see that. Divorce can be a time for growth. If my clients can work together through their divorce, they will save money, they will have the integrity of doing this a better way, while learning how to be in relationship, how to listen to and communicate with one another. Divorce can be the opportunity to create the future life of dreams. Take this opportunity to listen, to grow and reflect. Divorce can be a gift. 

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