Divorce Lawyers Woodbury Minnesota

child custody co-parenting divorce mediation Mar 17, 2019
Divorce Lawyers Woodbury Minnesota

You may be surprised to learn that divorce lawyers can serve several different functions during a divorce proceeding, depending on how the couple chooses to end their marriage. Modern assumptions of a divorce generally conjure up images of two contentious attorneys on opposite sides of a courtroom, battling over child custody issues and division of property. However, divorce does not have to follow this path. Lesa Koski is a divorce attorney serving couples in Woodbury, Minnesota, who take a different approach to divorce. Lesa focuses on the long-term outcome for a couple, and for a family and works tirelessly to help divorcing couples find peace and the best possible path forward.

Legal Support During your Divorce in Woodbury, Minnesota

Lesa Koski is a licensed attorney in Woodbury, MN and a trained divorce mediator. She can offer support for your situation in a variety of ways. As your divorce attorney, she can work with opposing counsel to settle the different aspects of your divorce case – from the division of property and assets to child custody and the determination of the need for child and/or spousal maintenance. In many cases, she is able to settle the terms of your divorce without even stepping into a courtroom. In fact, she views this type of divorce settlement as a success. Court battles can become extremely hostile, often with a win or lose mentality. Working as your divorce attorney, Lesa will try to resolve your case without even involving the court. This saves you time, money and emotional pain.

Using a Lawyer During Mediation

If you choose mediation to solve the important aspects of your divorce, you can also partner with Lesa, either as an attorney to provide you with legal advice through the mediation process or as your divorce mediator. While Lesa cannot serve as both your attorney and your mediator for the same case, she can complete an initial consultation and explain your options so that you can determine in which capacity you would like to work with Lesa.

Experienced Divorce Lawyer, Woodbury, MN

It is possible to have a divorce without high conflict. Lesa uses her communication skills combined with her professional legal experience to help couples move past their divorce so that you can finally move forward toward a new beginning. For more information or to find a time to meet with Lesa, call her directly at 651-214-5057 or email [email protected].

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