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Divorce Mediation Specialist Mahtomedi, MN

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Divorce Mediation Specialist Mahtomedi, MN

With nearly 50% of all marriages ending in divorce, the court system can get backed up, making the process of settling your divorce long and difficult. Mediation offers an alternative option for settling your divorce, and the Minnesota court system actually encourages you and your divorcing spouse to investigate this option before going through the courts. Lesa Koski is a divorce mediation specialist serving the Mahtomedi, MN area, offering comprehensive divorce mediation services to couples all over the area. Lesa has more than 20 years of mediation experience and can help you and your soon to be ex-spouse find a path forward that works for you.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation has many benefits. It costs significantly less and takes less time than a court battle and is entirely confidential. Mediation allows you and your divorcing partner to have control over the decisions made about your future — rather than putting those decisions in the hands of a judge. This very often leads to less conflict and a greater chance of success with the settlement after your divorce. After all, you and your soon to be ex-spouse know your family best. You are best able to find the long term solutions for you and your family.

A divorce mediation specialist focuses on helping couples find ways to compromise on issues like division of property, child custody and even spousal maintenance. A mediation specialist does not push you toward one decision or another, but instead serves as a neutral, third party and creates an environment conducive to a positive and productive discussion about the important decisions in your divorce. You and your divorcing spouse decide together how to settle your divorce and move forward. Your mediation specialist can offer information and resources about the divorce process, and will ensure that both parties have opportunity to communicate in an open and supportive environment.

Navigating the Divorce Process in a Positive Way

Lesa Koski has established herself as a leading divorce mediation specialist in the Mahtomedi, MN area. Lesa recognizes that divorce is a difficult and emotional process. As a result, she uses her strong communication skills and compassion to support couples who are navigating divorce. Lesa believes that finding peace and calm during the divorce process is possible and can help you begin process of healing. If you would like more information about working with Lesa, call her today at 651-214-5057 to schedule a consultation.

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