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Divorce Mediation With Children

co-parenting divorce mediation mediated divorce Jul 11, 2017
Divorce Mediation With Children

Lesa Koski has served as a mediator for well over a decade, and the people who have sought her assistance have been the beneficiaries of her expertise. One of Lesa Koski’s areas of specialty is family and civil mediation. Her practice is based in Stillwater, Minnesota, but Lesa Koski is qualified to serve anyone seeking divorce or other family-oriented mediation under Minnesota law. She can help you and your partner resolve the differences that have led to your choosing to get divorced and help you settle difficult important issues such as division of assets, debts and property, developing a parenting plan and making decisions about child support or spousal support payments.

Divorce Mediation With Children

It is even more important to consider seeking the support of Lesa Koski’s Family and Civil Mediation practice if your marriage led to having children. For most divorcing parents, it is their children who will be most impacted by the changes brought to their lives by your divorce. Lesa Koski has the experience and professional expertise to help you and your divorcing spouse work through differences in a way that can make the process of divorcing seem easier for you and for your children. Specifically, she can help you develop a parenting plan, where the custody of your children is agreed upon, and even settle issues regarding child support (or spousal support) payments. She offers post-divorce mediation as well which can help you and your divorced spouse make decisions that come up as you co-parent well after the divorce is final.

No one enters marriage thinking they will get a divorce. And if you are going through a divorce, you know how hard it can be on your own ability to be a good parent to your children. The kind of divorce and parenting mediation that Lesa Koski offers, however, can make the job of helping your children get through the divorce easier. Divorce is one of the most painful and difficult experiences human beings can go through. Mediation can help you get through this process more quickly, with less conflict and without a financial burden.

Move Forward After Divorce

Lesa Koski’s approach to divorce mediation tries to help both members of a divorcing couple to overcome the interpersonal animosities that have built up between them. Doing this will give you a chance to create the best possible results for the sake of the children affected by your divorce. Mediation works best when the people involved understand and trust that the mediator is working to help them achieve the best possible outcome for all people who are affected by the disagreements and bad feelings between the people who are divorcing. Lesa serves this role for many in the Stillwater area. If you would like more information, call her to schedule an appointment at (651) 214-5057.

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