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Divorce Mediation Woodbury, MN

child custody divorce coach divorce mediation Jun 03, 2016
Divorce Mediation Woodbury MN

When most people think about the divorce process, they first think of conflict, strained or angry communication, hostility and animosity.  And, as with most things in life, there is some truth to those perceptions.  However, divorce mediation is fast becoming a tool used to navigate the divorce process that significantly decreases the degree of conflict, amount of time and expense of navigating divorce.  Lesa Koski offers a wide variety of comprehensive divorce mediation services in the Woodbury, MN area.  Her philosophy is geared toward using trust, communication and compromise to help divorcing couples find the best way for them to move forward with their lives.

Divorce Mediation Services Woodbury, MN

Lisa Koski Mediation offers several divorce mediation services that can help a divorcing couple make their way through the entire process in a positive way with less stress

  1. Divorce Mediation: Divorce mediation in Minnesota costs less than and takes less time than going through the process in the court system.  Lisa Koski cultivates an environment of trust with both parties and helps a divorcing couple settle their differences by finding way to compromise.  This process can be faster and less painful and contentious than a lengthy court battle.
  1. Co-Mediation: Co-mediation allows a couple to use a team of professionals to mediate their divorce.  These professionals may have different strengths and allow the couple to get input and advice about a wide variety of issues including parenting time, custody, and dividing your finances.
  1. Divorce Coaching: A divorce coach can be hired for one party, and their focus is helping that individual get through the divorce process.  A divorce coach helps you come up with communication strategy, and they will help you prioritize your needs and find peace through this process.
  1. Divorce Support For Individuals: This service is offered to individuals who are in a situation in which both parties may not be able to participate in the divorce process.  There are times when one party is ready to begin the divorce process sooner than another and divorce support for individuals can be utilized in these cases.
  1. Post-divorce Mediation: One myth about divorce is that the relationship ends when the divorce papers are signed. Situations change after a divorce that may necessitate further mediation and Lesa Koski can provide mediation services after a divorce as well.
  1. Spousal Maintenance Issues: Spousal maintenance occurs when one member of the divorcing couple is required to pay financial support to the other after a divorce. This can be temporary or permanent and the communication about spousal maintenance agreements can be strained at times.  A mediator can help facilitate productive discussion about spousal maintenance disagreements.
  1. Separation Guidance For Unmarried Parents/Domestic Partners: If you have been in a long term committed relationship, separation can be difficult and complex, even if you are not married. Lisa Koski understands this and offers mediation services and separation guidance for those who may be unmarried parents or domestic partners.

If you would like more information about the mediation services provided by Lesa Koski, call 651-214-5057 today.

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