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Divorce Mediator Help

civil mediation divorce mediation mediated divorce Nov 04, 2017
Divorce Mediator Help

If you are in the process of determining whether or not you should pursue divorce, but maybe you’re feeling reluctant because of the painful processes associated with court-based divorces, consider mediation as a way to settle your divorce with less conflict and expense. Lesa Koski is an experienced divorce mediator that serves the eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin area. Her office is located in Stillwater, MN, which is convenient for many, including those who live in or near Woodbury, MN.

Experienced Divorce Mediator

Lesa Koski has become known in this region for her expertise in divorce mediation. Divorce does not simply end a marriage; it changes the nature of your relationship with the person you were married to. It is important to remember, too, that while it changes the relationship, it does not end it. If you have children, they will be impacted by your divorce, and you will need to continue working with your divorced spouse on many decisions related to your children including medical care, education and other co-parenting issues. In addition to providing divorce mediation services, Lesa also offers post-divorce support, to help you manage the new and different relationship you have with your former spouse. Lesa can help you (and your former spouse) develop new strategies for getting through conflict to find ways to work together after divorce.

Divorce Mediation Service to settle your divorce can help lay a strong foundation for your relationship post-divorce. It gives you the power to find solutions that work for you, your spouse and your children. A court cannot possibly understand the unique family dynamics at play in each and every family. Rather than engaging in a bitter court battle, mediation gives you the chance to work with your spouse (rather than against him/her) to settle important issues such as the division of property, assets and debts, to develop a parenting plan and the determination of child support payments.

Improvement in your post-marriage relationship is largely dependent on finding better ways to communicate with your ex-spouse. Communication is central to Lesa’s approach to divorce mediation, so you will experience what is arguably her most impressive skill just by talking and listening. If your communication issues persist after your divorce is final, Lesa can help you then, too. Once you partner with Lesa for divorce mediation services, you will connected with her long term and she can help you again if you need it. Lesa’s post-divorce mediator skills are an important component in sustaining the positive things you accomplished in the divorce mediation process. For more information about Lesa’s mediation services, call her directly at 651-214-5057 or email her at [email protected].

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