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Divorce Mediator Somerset, WI

divorce mediation family mediation mediated divorce Oct 13, 2018
Divorce Mediator Somerset, WI

Lesa Koski is a highly trained and qualified divorce mediator who serves divorcing couples in the Somerset, WI area. If you are considering divorce, you should also consider using divorce mediation instead of the more traditional court-based litigation process. Divorce mediation has become a frequently used method of navigating a divorce. It involves contracting with a neutral third-party with specific training in mediation and professional knowledge of the divorce laws of your state to help you reach resolution. Though many couples work only with a divorce mediator, in some situations the couples and their lawyers may also take part in the mediation process. A good divorce mediator, like Lesa Koski, helps couples by facilitating discussion, helping resolve conflicts, and answer questions that had previously eluded resolution.

Benefits of Mediated Divorce

A mediated divorce has become a much more desirable solution to divorce than the traditional court process for a number of reasons, including the following:

● Divorce mediation tends to cost less (financially and emotionally) for both parties than traditional litigation.
● Divorce mediation increases the likelihood of agreeable resolution of conflict and other issues affecting the divorcing couple.
● Divorce mediation is confidential. Because of this, there is no public record of the contents of your mediation process.
● Whereas traditional court-based divorces leave divorcing couples at the mercy of the court’s decisions, divorce mediation allows couples to reach their own resolution.
● The nature of mediation encourages better communication, which means that you and your former spouse can develop the ability to resolve issues following the divorce. This can be especially helpful if you have children.

Virtually all couples who are headed for divorce can benefit from the divorce mediation process. Those couples who already have a willingness to compromise with each other are likely to find that their divorce mediation process proved successful, if not pain- or difficulty-free. When couples work with Lesa Koski, they find that the spirit of compromise, empathy, and the search for resolution is a top priority, which further encourages successful resolution of the issues at hand. If you enter the divorce mediation process with an openness of mind and heart, a skilled divorce mediator such as Lesa Koski will add ease and professionalism to the process.

Experienced Divorce Mediator, Wisconsin

Lesa Koski is knowledgeable about Wisconsin divorce law and is an exceptionally well qualified mediator. While entering the divorce mediation process with a spirit of cooperation helps to create a smooth process, Lesa is also able to help couples who have greater struggles with communication and who may have higher degrees of conflict. Regardless of where you find yourself on the divorce spectrum, the chances are good that you could benefit from a consultation with Lesa Koski.

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