Divorcing Couple Options

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Divorcing Couple Options

If you and your spouse are considering getting divorced, it’s important for you to know that you have options. For a long time, divorcing couples had one option when it came to divorce, and that option was to proceed through the court system. The court system has traditionally been a much slower option for finalizing divorce cases, and couples seeking remediation through that system were sometimes even made to feel a kind of public shame about the failure of their marriage. With changing attitudes, though, there came new alternatives to the relatively inflexible court processes. Lesa Koski is a family lawyer and divorce mediator and can help you find the right path for the end of your marriage. She offers legal assistance as well as divorce mediation services, depending on your unique needs.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation as an Option for Settling Divorce

When you work with Lesa, other options regarding divorce will also become clearer. If divorce mediation is an option for you, you should know that it tends to be far less expensive for couples than divorce using the court system. This is due to the fact that court-based divorces tend to involve the adversarial approach that requires each person to employ their own lawyer. Paying a lawyer is an extremely expensive proposition. And if you happen to be unlucky enough to have a particularly corrosive relationship with your spouse, your divorce case can be dragged out longer than expected, and end up costing you far more than you can afford. In addition to the financial cost associated with divorcing with lawyers through the court system, there is the added stress that is almost fundamental to an adversarial, winner-take-all kind of attitude that can characterize court-based divorces.

Lesa Koski, however, offers an alternative through mediated divorce. Mediated divorce costs significantly less than most court-based divorces because most often only one mediator is employed to work with you and your spouse. Furthermore, that mediator is motivated by creating as peaceful a resolution of issues as is possible. Lesa uses her knowledge of Minnesota law and her compassionate and collaborative approach to help couples find creative solutions to difficult issues. She works to make your divorce as easy as possible, for many, the option of mediated divorce is far more appealing than the traditional court process.

Experienced Divorce Mediator and Family Lawyer

Lesa Koski is not only a talented mediator, she is also a lawyer who understands the specifics and nuances of Minnesota divorce law. This is an important distinction because Minnesota divorce law can be different than similar laws in other states. If you need legal representation, Lesa can help you as well. While she cannot be your mediator and your lawyer at the same time, she can sit down with you and determine which role suits your needs best. If you’re considering divorce as an option to improve your life, consider contacting Lesa to make that option even better. She can be reached by email at [email protected] and by phone at 615-214-5057.

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