Early Neutral Evaluation

qualified neutral Nov 18, 2018
Early Neutral Evaluation

An important aspect of Lesa Koski’s law practice is Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE).  Early neutral evaluation is a process employed by a qualified neutral administrator, such as Lesa Koski, who works to resolve disputes between divorcing partners.  In matters of divorce, early neutral evaluation typically appears as either financial early neutral evaluation or social early neutral evaluation.  In all cases, it is important for you to be represented by a professional with the experience and knowledge of Minnesota law.  Lesa Koski possesses such expertise and has established a reputation as someone who prioritizes fairness and finds the best possible solution to clients’ issues.

Types of Early Neutral Evaluations

It may help to have some more information about both types of early neutral evaluation.  Regarding financial early neutral evaluation, the court may determine that a divorcing couple’s financial issues would benefit from an early neutral evaluation of the divorcing couple’s finances.  To properly and thoroughly answer the court’s questions about your financial situation, the help of a highly qualified mediator like Lesa Koski will help you achieve the results you desire.  The purpose of a financial early neutral evaluation is to help you and your divorcing spouse reach resolution to financial questions as you move through the divorce process.  The neutral help provided by Lesa Koski in answering financial questions facilitates resolution of outstanding questions.

If you have children, you may be required to complete a social early neutral evaluation.  It is most common for social early neutral evaluations to be required when divorcing parents have unresolved issues pertaining to child custody and parenting time.  These types of questions can be even more stressful for divorcing couples because of the love they have for their children.  It is in such circumstances when the presence of a neutral third-party who possesses legal expertise can be enormously helpful.  The social early neutral evaluation process tends to be short-term in nature and is always confidential.  Social early neutral evaluation exists for the purpose of helping divorcing couples to resolve conflicts related to parenting time and child custody.

Navigating your Divorce with Support

The decision to seek a divorce from a spouse is always a source of great stress.  In cases where the court determines that an early neutral evaluation is necessary, Lesa Koski can help you navigate the process and reach resolution.  To schedule a free 30-minute consultation, call Lesa Koski at (651) 214-5057, or send an email to [email protected].

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