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Early Neutral Evaluation Woodbury, MN

qualified neutral May 19, 2018
Early Neutral Evaluation Woodbury, MN

Families who are looking for a more efficient path to conflict resolution may want to consider working with an Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) professional. An experienced family law professional such as a family law attorney will serve as a neutral evaluator to address conflicts with parenting time, finances and custody. Either pathway through Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) or Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE) can provide compassionate solutions. As a Family Law Attorney, Lesa Koski provides excellent communication skills that are so very vital to the successful ENE process.

During an Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC) the court may specify that each party participate in a form of Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE). The order may call for Financial ENE, Social ENE or both. The process should take place shortly after court filing. An expert, usually a family law attorney, serves as an unbiased evaluator of the dispute. She can identify the strengths and weaknesses of both sides of the issues and provide assistance toward a fair settlement.

Key Advantages of SENE and FENE Programs

Couples seeking a divorce, can participate in either a Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) or Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE) program to address their family’s needs quicker and at lower cost. The Early Neutral Evaluation ENE program has been recognized by the Harvard Kennedy School Ash Institute as one of the top 50 government innovations in 2009. This innovative conflict resolution process provides several advantages.

• Alternative Dispute Resolution Process (ADR)
• Confidential Process
• Voluntary Participation
• Less Stressful for Parents and Children
• Encourages Prompt Dispute Resolution
• Saves Money and Time
• Encourages a Fair Outcome for All Parties Involved
• Sliding Fee Schedule
• Highly Skilled Neutral Evaluator or Family Law Attorney
• Resolves Issues With Child Custody, Visitation or Financial Matters

Experienced Early Neutral Evaluation Woodbury, MN

Through the early, middle and post divorce process, the expertise of a skilled communicator can be very beneficial. As both a Family Lawyer and Divorce Mediator, Lesa Koski represents a fair and unbiased resource for a peaceful resolution of marriage. When children are involved it is especially important to explore every avenue of alternative dispute resolution including Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE). This confidential process can be less stressful, less costly and less time consuming than a traditional court proceeding.

Contact Lesa Koski at (651) 214-5057 or [email protected] to begin the process for an unbiased, early neutral evaluation for family dispute resolution.

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