Experienced Divorce Mediator Hudson Wisconsin

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Experienced Divorce Mediator Hudson Wisconsin

There are many misconceptions about divorce mediation. An experienced divorce mediator can help explain the process to you and your divorcing spouse in a clear and concise way so that you can successfully navigate it. Lesa Koski is a divorce mediator with more than two decades of experience serving couples in the Hudson, Wisconsin area. Lesa understands how difficult divorce can be and will work to help you and your family find peace and a way forward. This may sound impossible right now but we promise may divorcing couples have felt the same waybefore they called Lesa.

Experienced Divorce Mediator Hudson Wisconsin

An experienced mediator like Lesa Koski can address some of the most common issues related to mediation that are misunderstood such as:

  1. Only simple divorces can be settled using mediation: Many couples believe that complex divorces that are high in conflict cannot possibly be settled using mediation but must instead proceed through the courts. When you partner with an experienced mediator, this is simply not the case. In fact, issues such as division of property, development of a child custody agreement and evaluation of the need for spousal maintenance can be settled for couples with even very high conflict. An experienced and trained mediator will help you and your spouse focus on the issues at hand, keep your priorities for mediation front and center, looking toward your future rather than focusing on the past.
  2. Your mediator will make the important decisions for you and your spouse: A mediator is not a decider, but a neutral third party who helps facilitate productive discussion that can result in workable solutions for your family.  You and your divorcing spouse are the deciders, empowered to compromise and come up with solutions that will work.  In most cases, this works much better than litigation where the decision is left to the court.
  3. Lawyers cannot be a part of the divorce mediation process: Depending on your unique situation, you can choose to include lawyers. They can provide you with legal advice during the mediation process, help you make decisions and then help you file necessary paperwork once the mediation process is complete.

Leading Divorce Mediator, Hudson, WI

Lesa Koski has dedicated her entire career to helping couples divorce in a civil way with as little pain and stress as possible. Her office is conveniently located just accross the river and she serves those in the Hudson, Wisconsin area. Her communication skills coupled with her compassion and extensive experience has made her a leading area divorce mediator. For more information, call Lesa directly at 651-214-5057 or email [email protected].

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