Family Law Attorney in Stillwater MN

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Family Law Attorney in Stillwater MN

Not everyone will require the services of a family law attorney in their lifetime, but for those who do, it is extremely important to identify one who is professional, ethical, competent, highly regarded, and caring. If you live in or near Stillwater, MN, working with Lesa Koski will fit the bill. Lesa Koski has established a reputation for being a family law attorney who provides her clients with the benefit of her years of experience, her knowledge of Minnesota family law, and her ability to match her legendary compassion with her exceptional professional knowledge.

Finding a Family Law Attorney in Stillwater, MN

While we should all expect those qualities from our attorneys, regardless of the nature of our legal matters, family law should rise to a different level of importance both to clients and attorneys alike. That is because of the value we place on the concept of family in our society. One of the first aspects of family law that comes to mind for most people is divorce. Divorce is almost always a sad reality, but also often a necessity in order to make the best of a difficult situation. Lesa Koski’s knowledge of Minnesota divorce law along with her compassion and excellent communication skills makes her an excellent choice for a divorce attorney.Stemming from divorce can be many other issues that also affect your family unit including:

  • Spousal support, also known as alimony, is part of the civil legal process of divorce. It determines whether one spouse is responsible for financially supporting the other spouse. If it is determined that spousal support is warranted, the qualifications of your divorce are essential in helping to determine a fair amount for you to either pay or receive.
  • If you have children, your divorce proceedings are likely to also include discussions about child custody, which is one of the most hotly debated aspects of divorce settlements. Lesa Koski prioritizes the welfare of your children, so that you can proceed confidently through the divorce process knowing that your interests are being represented by someone who cares about your children.
  • Related to child custody are matters related to child support, the financial aspects of assuring that your children receive what they need to maintain a healthy life. Child support often goes toward payment of life and health insurance, school supplies, groceries, and extracurricular activities. This is also a very personal aspect of family law, so your settlement may look very different than any other.

Stillwater Family Lawyer

If you live in the Stillwater, MN area and find yourself in need of a family lawyer, call Lesa Koski at (651) 214-5057 to schedule an appointment.

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