Family Law Attorney Woodbury

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Family Law Attorney Woodbury

Family law is a topic that is often immediately linked to court battles and high conflict. It is also a common misconception that all divorce proceedings that involve attorneys become protracted and bitter court battles. Until we have experienced something as significant as divorce, our perceptions are shaped by the extremes that dominate our various touch points with society, such as social media, television shows, and movies, which are popular as a result of their emphasis on high conflict and highly emotional responses. Some of the stress we experience when we find ourselves in the middle of something as difficult as a divorce is caused by our lack of an accurate frame of reference. Lesa Koski, an attorney with an established reputation for excellence in the area of family law in the Woodbury, MN area, does all she can to not only avoid bitter court battles, but avoid court proceedings altogether. And, if a case does need to go to court, Lesa Koski can, at the very least, lessen the impact of court proceedings so that you can begin the process of getting your life back on track.

Navigating a Divorce With Minimal Conflict

It is also important to know that family law covers more than just divorce proceedings. Lesa Koski is also trained and certified to represent other family members, like grandparents, who are occasionally denied visitation with their grandchildren as a result of some divorce settlements. Children, of course, are of great importance to Lesa Koski, who understands that they are often innocent victims of divorce. Lesa understands that children feel the impact of circumstances created by the adults in their lives, and almost never do anything to deserve the stress and strain that has been caused by divorce.

When couples get married, their financial responsibilities become entwined, their financial situations are combined, new debts are incurred together, and two lives have been intertwined emotionally, psychologically, and socially. Untying the knots that have been tied by marriage, even when the divorce is on the amicable side, requires a large amount of work and attention to detail. If you and your spouse are divorcing, and especially if you have children who will be affected by your decision to divorce, consider contacting Lesa Koski about the legal support and divorce mediation services she offers. Divorce mediation allows you and your divorcing spouse to pursue the dissolution of your marriage by seeking solutions that work for all who are affected by the divorce. And divorce mediation provides a better opportunity to resolve issues with fewer complications. Perhaps most important, divorce mediation can be significantly less expensive than traditional court proceedings, and a mediator with a family law focus can spend more time helping you protect your children from the difficulties of divorce.

Family Lawyer Woodbury MN

If you live in or near Woodbury, MN, call Lesa today for more information at (651) 214-5057 or email her at [email protected]. Lesa will help lessen the stress of a divorce so you can move forward in a positive direction.

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