Family Law Services in Woodbury MN

family law family mediation May 04, 2019
Family Law Services in Woodbury MN

When you think about the most important things in the world to you – one thing likely comes to mind quickly- your family. Whether it is a spouse, your children, parents, siblings or even extended family, for many of us, family is the fabric of our life. However, family dynamics are not always simple or easy. Family law is designed to help families navigate legal issues that come up including divorce, adoption, custody, child support and even elder care. Lesa Koski offers family law services in Woodbury, MN. She has devoted her career to helping families navigate difficult and complex legal issues related to family and domestic relations.

There is nothing as constant in life as change. We have all heard this saying. No matter how hard you try, circumstances change, feelings change, and life happens. If you find yourself in need of family law services and you live in the Woodbury, MN area, Lesa Koski can be an excellent resource for you. She can help you settle the terms of your divorce via litigation or mediation, depending on your specific circumstances. This includes helping you and your spouse or domestic partner resolve issues including division of property, child custody, child support payments and spousal support (alimony).

Family Law Mediator in Woodbury, MN

Lesa Koski brings great care and compassion to each and every case she takes. She gets to know her clients and will work to understand your goals and priorities. She also helps keep the focus on any children in the relationship so that the pain related to a separation or divorce can be minimized for them. Perhaps most importantly, Lesa can work as either your divorce attorney or your divorce mediator, but she cannot perform both roles for the same case. If you have questions about which process will work best for you, she can answer your questions about the differences between these two roles and help you and your partner make the best decision about how to navigate your separation or divorce.

The Minnesota courts encourage couples to try mediation (or an alternative dispute resolution tool) to resolve your divorce before you proceed with litigation. This is in large part because the courts cannot handle the high volume of cases and mediation can resolve your divorce in less time with less stress and financial impact.

Experienced Local Family Attorney

For more information about Lesa Koski’s family law services in Woodbury, MN, call her at 651-214-5057 or email [email protected].

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