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Family Lawyer in Woodbury MN

family law family mediation Apr 30, 2019
Family Lawyer in Woodbury MN

Lesa Koski is a trusted family lawyer in Woodbury, MN.  Family law is an extremely important branch of law and it is important to partner with a lawyer with specific experience in your local area. The laws of Minnesota can vary significantly from those of other states and the issues that family law covers are often very personal and important to your daily life. Lesa can help you navigate these issues and will bring experience, knowledge, compassion and great care to your case.

Experienced Woodbury Family Law Attorney

Family law is most often associated with issues arising from divorce.  From the divorce proceeding itself, to issues of spousal support (alimony), child support, child custody, and the fair division of assets and debts, a qualified family lawyer can make or break your ability to come through the divorce process prepared for life after your divorce.  Lesa Koski comes at divorce and its associated processes with the mind for the law and a heart for mediation.  As a result, her approach to your divorce is solution-oriented.  Lesa Koski always seeks to minimize the negative impacts of divorce, and she will work to represent your interests as if they were her own.

Family law is a wide-ranging component of the larger body of law.  So even though divorce may come to mind first for many people, family law also covers such things as prenuptial agreements, paternity issues, estate planning, and even adoption and foster care.

Successfully Navigate Issues of Family Law

Lesa Koski has succeeded as a family lawyer because she has worked hard to gain the experience and expertise necessary to represent the interests of her clients.  This quality is especially important when you consider what is at stake.  If your life has been complicated by the decision to seek a divorce from your spouse, for example, and your spouse is being uncooperative, hiring someone like Lesa Koski on your side can give you the confidence to fight for what you know is right.  If you have children and are concerned about arriving at a fair parenting agreement, the advocacy provided by your family lawyer is what you need for reassurance.  Even though there are no guarantees in family legal matters until all of the paperwork is signed, a lawyer like Lesa Koski can help you get to the paperwork signing process with greater confidence and preparedness for what comes next.

The need for a family lawyer often arises from an extremely stressful situation.  Because of Lesa Koski’s knowledge of family law and her natural empathy and compassion, you can trust her with your case. To schedule time with Lesa Koski, call (651) 214-5057.

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