Helping Divorcing Couples Plan for their Future

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Helping Divorcing Couples Plan for their Future

Lesa Koski Family Law Attorney serving Woodbury, Bayport, Stillwater and surrounding areas; fully appreciates her Divorce Mediation practice. When people are going through a divorce it is never easy. Feelings arise and emotions are high. This is normal and expected. Divorce Mediator Lesa Koski understands these issues and believes you need to work through a crisis, you can’t rush out. Family Law Attorney Lesa Koski is there to assist both parties in their walk. Although it is difficult situation, it is one that can be made better. Helping couples plan for the future of the children they love is rewarding. Lesa Koski also says it is rewarding to help people in a crisis to the other side. The other side where they have a plan that they have created together. This plan, that they have created together, is much more monetarily feasible than a court battle.

Lesa is finding that more and more often people are needing legal support to uphold what a current mediation agreement/divorce decree mandates. Often times one or both spouses need to change their current arrangement; or maybe one spouse is not following the decree.

When a mediation agreement needs to be transformed, Attorney Lesa Koski of Stillwater, MN can assist. Working as a Mediator has its advantages. Mediation is the least combative and most collaborative way to settle disagreements or necessary changes. Divorce Mediator Lesa Koski really appreciates the ability to have both parties speaking to each other for themselves. This allows the parties to communicate back and forth and understand each other. Having a skilled third party in the conversation keeps it cordial and on task. The parties are able to come to an agreement; rather than having the court system decide for them.

When one party is not following the decree, the parenting plan or any other part of the Mediated Agreement; legal action can be taken.  Lesa finds that she often needs to legally represent a party to ensure that the ex-spouse holds true to the substance of the agreement and or decree. At times one spouse is unaware of the language in the decree and needs a reminder of what it states and what following the Divorce Agreement looks like. At other times the one spouse is actually breaking the law. Perhaps they have not been paying their child support; or withholding some of the child support to pay for other expenses. When this happens, if it is not rectified immediately, the party may ask the County to initiate wage withholding. The party may also report the amount that has not been paid as arrears. Divorce Mediator and Attorney Lesa Koski is here to help those in need of enforcing their decrees; as well as assisting couples through the divorce process. If you need assistance please call Lesa Koski of Koski Law & Mediation, PLLC.

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