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How Divorce & Civil Co-Mediation Services Work

civil mediation divorce mediation family mediation mediated divorce Jan 26, 2017
Divorce & Civil Co-Mediation Services Woodbury, MN

If you are going through a divorce, you may feel anger, sadness, grief, despair as well as even some relief to be finally moving forward in your life. Deciding to settle your divorce with the help of a divorce mediator can ease the stress as well, with less of your time, energy and money focused on a lengthy court battle. Divorce mediation can help you and your divorcing spouse find resolution about such divorcees as separation of assets and debts, child custody, and spousal and child support. Lesa Koski, Esq., is a trusted mediator who serves divorcing couples in the eastern Minnesota metro area and western Wisconsin, including Woodbury, Oakdale, and Stillwater. Lesa’s underlying philosophy is to create an environment of fairness for all people affected by the divorce. Her expertise in the technique of Co-Mediation is more proof of that commitment to fairness.

What Is Co-Mediation?

Co-Mediation is a process that employs a team of mediators, rather than only one mediator, to help resolve a dispute. This can be especially helpful when addressing the financial concerns of a divorcing couple. Working with co-mediators can be effective and preferable for a variety of reasons. The mediation process can be complex and difficult to manage. When a team of mediators, all committed to the best possible outcome for everyone involved in the process, is present, the outcome of the process will very likely be better for those affected by the divorce process. When communication and understanding are improved, which can happen when more than one mediator is involved in the process, everyone benefits. Lesa Koski excels at demonstrating her commitment to the best possible outcomes for all involved, and when multiple mediators are able to demonstrate that quality, you are the primary beneficiary of their expertise and goodwill.

Benefits Of Co-Mediation

From the perspective of the couple, it is sometimes preferable to have two mediators present. This preference can surface when one individual is made to feel more comfortable with a mediator that person can identify with better. In divorce cases involving couples who are of different sexes, for example, having only one mediator who is the same sex as that person’s divorcing spouse can create feelings of unfairness—whether true or not, we may feel like a mediator who is the same sex as our spouse may lean toward our spouse rather than ourselves. It may also be just that you simply have a harder time communicating with a mediator of the opposite sex. Lesa Koski understands and anticipates such possibilities, and therefore offers co-mediation as an option before the issue has presented itself as a problem.

Lesa Koski is committed to helping you reduce stress and difficulty in whatever way she can. Having the option of co-mediation available to you demonstrates Lesa Koski’s professionalism, commitment to your well-being, and her vast knowledge of the field of mediation. Call Lesa at 651-214-5057 to schedule an appointment.

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