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co-parenting divorce mediation family mediation Jul 19, 2016

How does divorce affect children, it depends on the article you read and the study you study. However there is one universal fact all articles and studies agree on: the less parents fight and criticize in front of the children, the less the divorce will negatively affect the children. All parents know it is difficult to hide how we feel. Thus, when parents actually are less quarrelsome through a divorce the negative impact on the children is less. This is where mediation comes in. Mediation Specialist who serves couples seeking divorce in and around Stillwater, Woodbury, Bayport and Hudson keep the mediation respectful and as non-confrontational as possible.

Lesa Koski founder and owner of Mediation Specialists in Stillwater, Woodbury, Bayport and Hudson keeps couples kid focused. When divorcing couples with children, stay focused on the children the mediation is much less hostile. The children’s well being is one thing all couples agree on.

Divorce mediator Lesa Koski of Stillwater, MN has couples come up with a central goal for their divorce. Very often divorcing couples with children choose the goal of having healthy happy kids. Frequently the parents have the following ideas that aid them in reaching this goal:

1.The children know they are loved.
2. The children should always know the divorce is not about them or their fault.
3. Parents should communicate information that is age appropriate so they understand what is happening and how their future will look. (Ex. Where will they live? Will they stay in the same school? How often will they see each parent? Will they stay with their siblings? Etc.)

When children feel loved and secure some researchers believe the divorce can have positive results. Some children may actually grow from the experience. They become more mature, sensitive and responsible.

So if you proceeding with a divorce involving children, please choose a Divorce Mediator who is child centered. Divorce Mediator Lesa Koski is a caring, sympathetic communicator who is child focused. Working with a divorce Mediator like Lesa Koski can help you navigate the divorce process in a positive way and find the best path forward for you and your family. For more information about Lesa Koski Mediation, call 651-214-5057 today.

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