Emotional Navigation: How a MN Divorce Coach Can Guide You Through the Business of Divorce

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One of the best things you can do for yourself during your MN divorce is to have a trusted professional  who can help you with your mindset, assist with available resources, and be there to hear you out when you are struggling. A divorce coach can be that person! This week on the podcast divorce coach Bridget Leschinsky talked to us about the support a divorce coach can provide.


What is a divorce coach? 

Someone moving you forward who helps with the direction, the knowledge, and the landscape of what to expect before it happens. A lot of times people scramble to find information needed for their attorney.  Let’s face it, we are all busy and can feel overwhelmed and spread thin. A divorce coach is someone to walk alongside you to help get through that process. According to the American Bar Association, divorce coaching is a flexible goal oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people through the divorce to help them make the best possible decision for their future based on interests, needs, and concerns. 

How a divorce coach helps

Divorce coaches work with some individuals during the beginning stages of divorce, even before they’ve informed their spouse that they want a divorce. Having early conversations can provide the possibility of saving a marriage, maybe the couple just needs some clarity on issues within the relationship. If that isn’t an option, then Bridget provided some great advice about telling your spouse you want a divorce. She said “if you’ve decided to move forward with divorce, the time to look back is done. The time to look forward is now. And so it’s really just saying what you need to say. Allowing the other person to feel what you’re saying, say what they need to say, and then cutting the conversation short and waiting an amount of time  (like a couple days) before they come back to discussing the issue.  So usually what I do with most clients in the first one or two sessions is work on finding their best self and also their values.”


Experts say 70-80% of divorce is emotional and the rest is legal. This is why Bridget focuses on determining who you are when you are your best self and what your values are. If you are able to uncover these then you can manage your emotions throughout the divorce process and keep your goals in mind. When you know your values, you can use them through the divorce process helping you be your best self.  Values also keep you looking forward.  This allows you to project what you want at the end of the divorce, allowing you to keep your goals in mind. 


When you are working on yourself and are able to step back and really look at the circumstances of what’s going on, you will begin feeling better. Oftentimes this will rub off on those around you. They see you upleveling and working on improving your mindset and attitude and they’ll want to do the same.


So if you are about to head into the journey of divorce or are in the beginning stages, do yourself a favor and give Bridget a call! As always, if you are looking for mediation support, reach out to me at LesaKoski.com and I’d love to help you! 

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