Hudson Divorce Mediation Services

divorce mediation mediated divorce Feb 24, 2019
Hudson Divorce Mediation Services

If you are heading toward a divorce and are concerned about the cost of hiring an attorney and divorcing via the traditional court process, you should consider contacting Lesa Koski. Lesa offers divorce mediation services to couples in Hudson, WI, as an alternative to traditional litigation processes. Divorce mediation has gained popularity in large part because of its effectiveness and affordability. The mediation process tends to be significantly less expensive than court-based divorces and it encourages the divorcing couple to seek solutions to conflict rather than to battle for a win. Court-based divorces tend to be based in a zero-sum approach, in which the attorneys representing each party try to get everything without giving up anything.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation | Hudson WI Divorce Mediator

A mediated divorce seeks to resolve conflict and allow each person to move on to the next chapter in life with minimal stress. The divorce mediation services offered by Lesa Koski are based on the principles of cooperation, negotiation and conflict resolution. The court system simply does not have the time to devote to handling every single issue that comes up during and after divorce. In fact, local courts actually encourage couples to participate in an alternative dispute resolution method like mediation before pursuing litigation.

When you work with Lesa Koski, you will find her to be someone who understands what you are going through and will help you find your way forward. Mediated divorce is a good alternative to a court-based divorce for people who not only want the final, legal separation from their spouses, but the ability to move forward with their lives with less emotional and financial stress. Unresolved conflict tends to weigh heavily on us as human beings. Lesa Koski can help you begin the process of finally looking forward rather than backwards.

Resolution of conflict does not simply refer to matters of an interpersonal nature. Divorcing couples often experience conflict over finances, debt, division of property and deciding how your children will divide their time between you and your divorcing spouse. Lesa Koski is a divorce mediator who is equipped to help you resolve even the most complex issues. Of course, the single most important need for conflict resolution pertains to issues involving children. If you have children, they will most certainly be affected by your decision to divorce. Lesa Koski’s mediation skills can provide the insight and reassurance you need to help your children adjust to the transition they will be going through.
Experienced Divorce Mediator, Hudson WI

Lesa Koski is a trusted and experienced mediator in the Hudson, WI area. For more information, contact her by calling (651) 214-5057 or emailing her directly at [email protected].

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