Should I Keep the MN Family Home When I Divorce?

budget post divorce certified divorce lending professional doing divorce differently family home house minnesota divorce mn divorce mn divorce mediator Apr 26, 2023

Among all the decisions that must be made when going through a divorce, deciding to keep or sell your MN  family home can be a serious conversation. This week on the podcast, I spoke with Tami Wollensak, a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP). She gave helpful information to take into account when considering keeping the home, as well as why it's important to work with a CDLP.


Breaking down your budget according to your lifestyle is essential when determining if you can afford the family home. If you have decided that you want to keep the family home, and according to a mortgage lender, you qualify to take over the loan, there are other things you should consider. The numbers calculated by the lender do not account for things like landscaping services, housekeeping, furnace maintenance, snow plowing, etc. All of these seemingly small things add up quickly. Then you also need to look at other aspects of your lifestyle to determine if you are willing to give them up to afford the family home. Some examples are kids' sports, gym memberships, etc. 


Many people think they need to keep the family home as a form of stability for the kids. The truth is that the best environment for the children is happy parents. When the home environment is so stressful because a parent struggles to pay bills and keep everything as normal as possible, it impacts children more than moving to a different home with a happier parent. 


Another area that some people get caught up on is the high-interest rates that we are currently facing. Maybe you’ve done all the budgeting and determined that you would like to keep the family home; however, you do not want to take on a higher interest rate. There are loan options available that you should discuss with a Certified Divorce Lending Professional to see what you qualify for. If you have to take on a loan at a higher interest rate, remember that you are not married to that rate. Interest rates will likely come down eventually, and you can refinance!

Tami is available as a free resource to couples who are going through a divorce. Reach out to her on her website to schedule some time to discuss your options. As always, if you need any support with mediation or co-parenting, I am here to help! Contact me at, and let me help you create a smoother divorce experience.  

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