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Minnesota Clients Let's Change your Divorce Story

divorce divorce coach divorce mediation doing divorce differently Oct 12, 2022
MN Divorce Story Woodbury, MN

MN Divorce clients are helping change the story of divorce.  One way we do this is by knowing we don’t have to fight things out in court!  We can do this different - better - together.  I am sharing how I changed my life story, so that you can see how your divorce can be different, better than you imagined.  Check out this podcast for more details:

Doing Divorce Different

My favorite Coach, Tracy Pleschourt, has impacted my life so much.  She has taught me how to take responsibility and change my life. It is always a work in progress. This is how Tracy recently coached me through something I hated doing and brought me to a point where I felt different about it.  I am using finances to illustrate how to change your mindset.   You can apply this to
any set circumstance.  

I am going to be blatantly honest and it feels vulnerable.  A couple of weeks ago, I realized I am telling my clients to do one thing and I don’t really do it myself.  Yes, the dreaded budget!   The first step for my clients is always doing their budget. I explain it is painful and no one wants to do it…but just do it.  Here is the piece that shifts everything, you don’t have to feel terrible about it.  You can change this. I have shared how I change my mindset in past podcast episodes.  

It begins with me taking the time every day to do a thought download.  I just write out everything I am feeling. It is amazing what I learn. Next, I look at it from my primitive and prodigy brain.  I write C (circumstance), T (Thought) F(Feeling) A(Action) R (Result) down a sheet of paper.  

Primitive Brain: For both my primitive and prodigy brain I discovered the circumstance is the same.  Making a budget.  When I examine my primitive thoughts I realize I am feeling afraid and overwhelmed.  The thought behind this is: finances are hard.  My income fluctuates so it is impossible to work with a
budget.  Ouch.  When I believe these thoughts I get all these feelings of fear and overwhelm; which makes my Action line say spinning out, doing nothing.  And the result line is I stay lost in the black hole of living in the fear and unknown of my finances.  

Prodigy Brain:  This is always my favorite part.  I start filling in the blanks on my sheet of paper. The circumstance remains the same.  And now I think how do I want to feel about this?  I want to feel peace and control.  What thought would I need to believe to feel this way? I try on a few: Finance is simple math.  Math has a clear answer.  I can do hard things.  The one that grabs me is, “this could be simple”.  I try on this thought; yes, I believe it.  (Remember you always have to create a new thought that is believable to you.)  When I write this thought on the thought line (this could be simple).  I feel peace and it leads me to the action of tackling it.  Thus, the result is I take the first step to doing my budget and put all
my expenses into a spreadsheet.  Ahh now I am getting somewhere! See how this can work in every area of your life! I teach my clients the valuable lessons I have learned from my coach as we walk through the Divorce Process together. I do this one on one with Divorcing clients; or now through my new
online MN Divorce Course. If you need a divorce or know someone who does contact me.

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