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Divorce Attorney Serves Woodbury, Minnesota Clients Peacefully Through Mediation

location woodbury Jan 15, 2022
Divorce Mediators near me Woodbury MN

If you know Lesa Koski you know her passion, divorce mediation. When you ask how she remains joyful when all she deals with divorces day in and day out, her answer is; “There is something so beautiful about helping couples work together and come to an agreement with integrity. It feels like we orchestrated hope for the future.” Whether you live near her Woodbury, MN office or prefer meeting virtually over zoom, the creativity and growth is real. Why would you divorce any other way?

Why did Koski Law & Mediation pick Woodbury, Minnesota as the main office site? “I am a hometown girl. Growing up in the neighboring town of Afton, Woodbury was where it was all happening. Whether it was Roller Skating to the newest music with my big pom poms at Woodale rink; or running to the grocery store. Woodbury was home. I still love the vibe of my Woodbury office! Woodbury is affluent, vibrant, growing and modern while still keeping pieces of the old town Woodbury I knew in my youth.”

Attorney Lesa Koski serves her Woodbury clients with both her legal expertise and communication skills. Rest assured she takes your divorce seriously. Koski Law & Mediation has built an array of resources for clients. Concerned about your kids? Lesa has a vast amount of information in her podcast episodes, blogs and the rights to the documentary film Split. All clients have access to these resources.

Worried about whether you and your spouse will be able to sit down and negotiate through the Divorce Process, Lesa Koski has you covered with her video library. She offers a quick course on how to prepare for a difficult conversation.

When you begin your divorce journey Lesa prepares you well. You begin with a free 30 minute consultation where you and your spouse learn all about the process and the costs associated with the service. In follow up to the conversation, Koski Law & Mediation will log you both into a secure site where information is shared. You will receive a written document with the steps to the divorce mediation process, what paperwork you will need and the agreement to mediate. As you already know, knowledge is power and it can bring you peace. Lesa Koski is dedicated to bringing her clients peace in the divorce mediation process. You will have a full understanding of how this works before you have your first mediation session.

Contact Koski Law & Mediation at the Woodbury, MN office or virtually! [email protected]

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