Making Parenting Plan Agreement Modifications

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Making Parenting Plan Agreement Modifications

It could be that the only constant in life is that it is always changing. Parents in particular have to learn to adjust to accommodate the needs of children as they grow. For divorced parents with a parenting plan in place, modifications can be made through the court or with the guidance of a qualified mediator. Many divorced couples choose to modify child custody or support agreements through post-divorce mediation. Lesa Koski is both an experienced family law attorney and a mediation specialist in areas of divorce, parenting time agreements and child support arrangements. Lesa can assist with parenting plan changes when major or minor modifications are warranted in order to best care for the needs of the child.

Modification of Parental Rights and Responsibilities

Divorce can change the lives of each family member in a significant way. Sometimes the original parenting schedule is no longer working due to unexpected circumstances. Modification of parental rights and responsibilities may be necessary in order to provide a situation that is in the best interest of the child. Mediation can be used to engage both parents in a civil discussion with the assistance of a neutral mediator. Once a good solution regarding each parent’s obligations and responsibilities has been agreed upon, a new parenting plan can be put into place.

Modify Parenting Agreements Through Mediation

It is not uncommon for divorced parents or co-parenting partners to want to revisit the existing parenting time schedule, child custody agreement or financial support arrangement. Mediation can be the best option to modify a parenting agreement that no longer works for your current situation. An experienced mediator like Lesa Koski can help you to form a better understanding of your parental rights and to modify the child custody or support agreement in a way that works for the child and both parents. The ability to reach a mutually beneficial solution can significantly reduce the animosity, cost and stress of traditional litigation.

Major and Minor Parenting Plan Modifications

Parents often sight reasons for parenting plan adjustments ranging from a minor change in the child’s school schedule all the up way to a major risk to the safety of the child. Examples of possible reasons to alter a binding parenting plan include the following situations.

  • Change in the child’s school schedule
  • Relocation of one parent
  • Remarriage of a parent
  • Incarceration of a parent or guardian
  • Current arrangement puts child in danger

Family Law Mediation Specialist

Parenting was never intended to be the easiest job on the planet. It can be more difficult when circumstances change and the current parenting plan is no longer beneficial for the child. Working with a family law mediation specialist like Lesa Koski can make the process easier. Parenting modifications can be made outside of court when both parties can reach an agreement that emphasizes the best interest of the child.

To modify an existing parenting schedule with the assistance of an experienced mediator, contact Lesa Koski at (651) 214-5057

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