Managing Your Children's Expenses After a Divorce: An In-Depth Look at Onward App's Features and Benefits

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Managing Children's Expenses with Onward App

Did you know that most child support payments only cover 53% of the cost of raising a child? Child support is only determined to provide food, shelter and clothing. This means everything else such as medical bills, extra curricular activities, math tutoring, summer cap etc. usually fall outside of traditional child support. Due to so many additional expenses, asking for money in a co-parenting relationship can get tricky. Our podcast guest this week, Jacklyn Rome, created the Onward App to try and eliminate financial disagreements. In this episode  we are sharing all the details on the app and why it’s a must have in any co-parenting relationship!


Onward is a co-parenting app that helps two people manage all the shared expenses for their children. The way the app works is one parent downloads it and then invites their co-parent to join them on the platform. From there, the parents can simply enter in the expenses they have incurred for the children. 


For example if one parent took the child to a dentist appointment and it cost $100, they can enter that payment into the app along with the receipt and then the co-parent will receive a notification from the app and they can pay directly with ACH, Venmo, PayPal, etc. The app can be set up according to the divorce paperwork on how these expenses should be calculated (50/50, 70/30).


In addition to the general expense management features, the app also features spending reports so that you and your ex have granular details on how you're spending money on the kids. Onward itemizes the reports on what you spent by month, by child and by category.That helps people plan, budget, and save for the future. That feature is also very useful if you're still in the divorce process and figuring out what an appropriate child support payment might be. You are able to determine what you're actually spending on the kids today by tracking everything in the app; thus, you have information that's been based on actual data.


Onward is different from other apps, it is building a really incredible brand with interesting content for co-parents to help support them through the next stage in their journey. A lot of the companies Jacklyn has seen in the divorce space create content that's very negative, and backwards looking, mostly focused around villainizing an ex or pulling you back into the past. Onward is really about bringing people into the future and getting them excited about that next stage of life as a co-parent. So you'll see a lot of content integrated into the app around having the most effective co-parenting relationship and how to move on with your life.


Onward is an app I’ll be recommending to all of my clients as there are so many benefits. Make sure to grab the app today in the Google Play Store or the Apple iOS store and enjoy 3 months free with my affiliate link! As always, if you or someone you know are looking for mediation support, schedule your consultation and let’s get started! 

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