Maplewood, MN Divorce Attorney

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Maplewood, MN Divorce Attorney

The divorce process can be an emotional and difficult time for all involved. When you find yourself reaching the point that you are ready to separate, you have most likely been unhappy in your marriage for a long period of time. Navigating the process of the divorce may be an unwelcome but necessary step toward your future. Partnering with a strong divorce attorney can go a long way toward making the process smooth and fast. Lesa Koski is a family lawyer with many years of experience. She brings compassion and her strong communication skills to each case and works to build trust with each client. If you live or work in the Maple Wood, Minnesota area and have decided divorce is the next step for you and your spouse, Lesa can help you take the next step.

Experienced Family Lawyer, Maplewood MN

Lesa is a trained family law mediator as well as a divorce attorney serving the community of Maplewood, MN. She can serve both functions, not at the same time. She can serve as a client’s divorce attorney OR their divorce mediator, never both. Lesa can help you decide which role might be best suited for your case if you have questions. If you decide that you need a divorce lawyer, you can be confident that Lesa will be a strong advocate for your interests and work to represent you well.

Lesa can help you settle the important aspects of your divorce including:

1. Fair and equitable division of property, assets and debts
2. Development of a reasonable parenting plan that outlines when children will spend time with each parent
3. Determination of the need for child and/or spousal support payments.

Effectively Navigating the Divorce Process

Lesa also understands that every case does not belong in court. As your divorce attorney, she will explore whether your case can be settled outside of the court system. If not, she is fully prepared to take your case through the court process. In either case, she will sit down with you and understand your unique situation, and discuss your questions, concerns and goals for the divorce settlement. Finally, Lesa will make sure that all of the necessary legal paperwork is complete to finalize your divorce when it is time.

If you would like to meet with Lesa about the possibility of representing you as your divorce attorney, contact her directly at 651-214-5057 to schedule a time for a free 30 minute consultation. Lesa can help you take the first step toward your future.

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