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Mediation Attorney

In the United States, it is still true that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. As a consequence, there are services, such as divorce mediation, to help couples proceed through the stages of divorce with minimal conflict and the easiest possible transitions. And when divorce is really and truly the only option left to couples, services like divorce mediation can be irreplaceable and positive. And perhaps because of the high-intensity nature of divorce, it receives a lot of attention. Lesa Koski is a mediation attorney who can serve any of a number of roles in your divorce settlement. As your mediation attorney, she can review all legal documents post-mediation and help you file them with the courts. As a mediator, she can actually serve as a neutral third party and help you find ways to settle your divorce. Finally, if needed, Lesa can also represent you in the court system as your divorce attorney.

Divorce Support

Lesa’s role in your divorce depends in large part on your unique needs. While she can only perform one role in your case (mediation attorney, mediator, or divorce lawyer), she can sit down with you in a free thirty minute consultation and help you decide, based on the intricacies of your case, which path will work best for you. Lesa brings strong communication to every case and a voice of empathy, compassion and understanding. She realizes that divorce is extremely difficult for all involved. Lesa’s goal is to lessen the pain and help families forge a path forward.

And, if you have not yet decided to end your marriage but are having difficulty in your marriage, Lesa Koski can even work with the members of the couple to determine the nature of the conflict and identify realistic and attainable solutions. Marriage mediation can save marriages, and the kind of marriage support offered by Lesa Koski can give couples the kind of personalized support and relationship insight that they might have been missing. A neutral third party, such as that which is provided by Lesa Koski, can be exactly what the couple needs to get over the hump (or humps) that have been impeding their relationship.

Benefits Of Mediation

If your ultimate decision is that your marriage cannot be saved, Lesa Koski can also help you get through the process of mediated divorce. It is a simpler process than going through most court systems, and also tends to be significantly less costly from a financial perspective. The bottom line is that no matter what state your marriage may be in, Lesa Koski’s legal and mediation expertise can be helpful to you. Call her at 651-214-5057 to schedule a time to meet.

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