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Mediation Services for Unmarried Parents in Minnesota

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Mediation Services for Unmarried Parents in Woodbury, Minnesota

Despite all that we hear about the importance of diversity and inclusion, there are still lots and lots of people in our country, for many different reasons, who feel excluded. Unmarried parents in general, and same-sex unmarried couples more specifically, often feel a lack of support from society when they discover that their relationships are struggling and/or coming to an end. Lesa Koski is doing all that she can to decrease the number of people who feel that way, and she offers mediation services for unmarried parents in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Minnesota Mediation Services for Unmarried Parents

If you are in a significant relationship that is going through difficulty, and if that difficulty indicates that a transition may be coming, Lesa Koski wants you to know that there are mediation services that are available to you just as they are to married parents. Your relationship may not be subject to the exact same laws as a married couple, but there are certainly issues of great importance and legal responsibility that need to be dealt with. Lesa Koski is uniquely equipped to help you, both because of her knowledge of the law and because of her commitment to helping parents give their children the best possible care.

Every relationship is unique, of course, but there are some common traits in families that can serve as starting points when you start working with a mediator. Lesa Koski operates on the assumption that most, if not all, parents want only what is best for their children. Whether you are legally married or have been involved in a domestic partnership, your minor children should be prioritized as you work through the issues between you and your partner. And Lesa is exceptionally good at helping couples gain perspective and clarity about how to prioritize the well-being of their children.

Family Mediator MN

Once you establish a solid, trusting working relationship with Lesa Koski, you can begin to address the issues that remain firmly in the sphere of legal responsibility—custody of and visitation with children may come to mind first, but they are also connected with the division of assets and debt. Your relationship equation will look different than every other one, but there are some basic and important matters, such as those, that can set the stage for a successful mediation.

No mediator is better able to help you achieve the results you and your partner desire than Lesa Koski. If you have questions or wish to schedule an appointment, call (651) 214-5057 for more information.

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