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Mediation Services Oak Park Heights MN

civil mediation Jul 02, 2016
Mediation Services Oak Park Heights MN

Separation and divorce are major stressful events for all involved, and facing an unknown future isn’t made any easier when spouses are in disagreement on settlement issues. And while spouses may be on different sides of certain issues, there is one thing that they both would agree on, that both parties are looking forward to reaching the end of their difficult divorce agreement so that they may put this phase of their lives behind them and move forward with their new lives. Lesa Koski Family & Civil Mediation provides not only married parents mediation services in the Oak Park Heights MN area, but also unmarried parent mediation services, and domestic partner mediation services in Woodbury MN.

Divorce Mediation Oak Park Heights MN

For many couples and families, divorce and the time leading up to a divorce can be a time of great disharmony and turmoil. Whether married couples, domestic partners, or unmarried parents, couples who have struggled for years with disputes and disagreements, these individuals may have long lost any sense of peace and normalcy in their homes and lives. For these people, the time leading up to separation and divorce may have brought a great amount of stress to their lives, but through the process of divorce mediation, an amicable agreement can be reached, saving time, money, and a great amount of stress for both parties and their children.

Divorce Mediation Services Offer Collaborative Settlements

The divorce mediation services in Oak Park Heights MN that are offered by Lesa Koski Family & Civil Mediation offer a one hour free consultation to help couples determine if mediation would work for their situation. Through divorce mediation, both parties of a couple work together along with a qualified mediator who is able to facilitate productive discussions, in the hopes that mutually acceptable solutions are reached. Divorce mediation is ideal for not just married couples with or without children, but also domestic partnerships, and unmarried parents. The divorce mediation process allows couples to reach agreements on not just parenting time, but also issues relating to property division, division of assets and debt, and spousal support.

Experienced Divorce Mediator

If you are searching for experienced, professional divorce mediation services in Oak Park Heights MN, and would like to find out if mediation is the right option for you, contact the offices of Lesa Koski Family & Divorce Mediation at (651) 214-5057 to schedule a free consultation.

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