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civil mediation divorce mediation qualified neutral Jul 15, 2017

Lesa Koski provides neutral divorce mediation for couples seeking divorce in Minnesota. If mediated divorce is the right choice for you—and it is becoming increasingly the right choice for more and more couples—the importance of neutrality cannot be overstated. Lesa Koski serves the people of Edina, Eden Prairie, Bloomington, and many others in Minnesota, and does so with a commitment to making your settlement one that is based on her neutrality, so that you can move forward with your life in a healthy way.

Experienced Divorce Mediator, MN

Lesa Koski offers what most traditional divorce lawyers, working through the traditional court systems and processes, cannot. Lesa’s mediation practice is organized around the idea of advocating for you, personalizing your situation, and working toward the best possible solution for all those affected by your divorce. Additionally, Lesa Koski encourages you to consider her as one of the possible mediators to take your case by offering clients a free one-hour consultation. This allows you to ask questions that are pertinent to your particular situation and see if she is a good fit for you and your divorcing spouse. When you enter the process of divorce, things get pretty complicated very fast. Mediation allows for couples to find solutions with less stress, and while spending less time and money on the process.

Lesa Koski provides important assistance for divorcing couples in the following areas:

 Divorce Mediation: Lesa Koski employs neutrality to help couples work through the issues that need to be addressed in order to finalize their divorce in the most amicable way possible, while avoiding the bureaucracy and other limitations of the traditional court process.
 Divorce Coaching: Lesa Koski can offer one-on-one assistance to you on how to get through a contested divorce. It is important that you understand all the processes associated with divorce, and Lesa Koski’s expertise will prove invaluable to you.
 Post-Divorce Mediation: If not all of the issues you have with your ex-spouse are resolved with the finalizing of your divorce, Lesa can help you both come to a better resolution of the outstanding issues.
 Spousal Maintenance: Divorce can come with high costs and sometimes one spouse requires and is entitled to spousal maintenance. Lesa Koski can help you reach resolution in a way that works for all involved.
 Separation Assistance for Unmarried Parents and Domestic Partners: If you happen to not conform to the more familiar definitions of divorce, Lesa Koski can help you too. If you and your ex are not married but have children, of if you have been domestic partners and are breaking up, Lesa can provide mediation assistance to you too.

With all the services provided by Lesa Koski, professional neutrality is a constant aspect on which you can count. This guarantees fairness to all affected by your divorce. Call Lesa at (651) 214-5057 to schedule an appointment.

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