Parenting Mediator near Bayport, Minnesota

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Parenting Mediator near Bayport, Minnesota

Parenting Plans are written documents that assist parents in determining how to most effectively raise their children after separation or divorce.  Lesa Koski Mediation of Bayport, Minnesota, can help you create a parenting plan that will not only give you a solid reference point and accountability measure for co-parenting your children following separation or divorce, but which can also help you mitigate tension between you and your ex-spouse.  By documenting your agreement as to how to raise your children after divorce, you will be able to refer to the points on which you reached agreement later on, if problems our concerns arise.  By being able to make reference to your contract, you can set a positive tone for all future communication and lessen the potential for future disagreements.  Lesa Koski’s expertise in Parenting Mediation can help you.

With the assistance of Lesa Koski Mediation, your parenting plan will be specific and the points contained in it will be created with the help of an expert in the field of mediation.  Your parenting plan will be as close to air-tight as it can be, which can make co-parenting with your ex-spouse on parenting matters far easier.

How Family & Civil Mediation Can Help You

Many factors must be considered when writing up a parenting plan.  Without training, which most parents do not possess, you are likely to forget or ignore vital components.  Lesa Koski Mediation can ensure that no variables are missed and that all points are addressed.  Typical examples of points to consider include the following:

  • Schedules (parents’ and children’s) and details related to living arrangements.
  • Medical and health-related issues.
  • School issues.
  • After-school activities.
  • Religion and faith practices.
  • Holidays, travel, and vacation times.
  • Relationships with other family members.
  • How the divorcing parents will communicate with each other.
  • How changes to the parenting plan will be made.
  • Financial issues.
  • Issues that are not possible to predict, such as those pertaining to pets, responding to kids who experiment with drugs or get in trouble at school, whether or not to give children cell phones and who will pay the bills, etc.

Co-Parenting Support Bayport MN

Lesa Koski Mediation, a Parent Mediator in Bayport, MN, is the ideal choice to help you create a Parenting Plan that will work for everyone impacted by your divorce and support your co-parenting approach.  This will make things easier for the adults in the relationship, but ultimately benefit the children as well. Call (651) 214-5057 or email Lesa at [email protected] for more information about co-parenting support services.

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