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divorce mediation family law mediated divorce Oct 14, 2020
Divorce Mediation Woodbury MN | Peaceful Communication

Although I am an attorney by trade, I have been solely mediating for years.  One of the goals I write down every day is to use my gifts and serve the world.  It has taken many moons and lots of self-help books to finally begin trudging down the right path.  I have such a calling in my heart for divorce mediation, why?

First and foremost, I found my forte.  I cannot explain why or how I have the gift of mediating; I want to share this gift with you.  I am a soft-spoken lover of people who finds joy in listening to parties and unlocking the true underlying issues they deal with.

There are numerous other reasons.  For example, it just is common sense if you can get people to see each other’s views the world shifts just a little bit, like butterfly wings.  I love attorneys, I am an attorney; however, we don’t need to fight over everything.  When you can bring 2 parties together and just have them talk and learn how to listen; you are unstoppable.  I feel a little like an interpreter.  Sitting listening, asking questions hearing what one person is saying so I can help the other party hear it.

When people talk directly to each other with a professional divorce mediator they save time and money by getting to the heart of the matter while they are together.  COVID has not changed this:  Zoom mediations work exactly like face to face.  It may even be better because the parties are in a comfortable setting.

Rather than having a court decide for you; the two parties can come up with an agreement together.  I always tell clients no one feels like they won.  It is more of a compromise.  The best solutions come from the clients.  My presence helps them verbalize their needs.

In my heart, I believe mediation is the beginning of opposing parties’ healing journey.  When children are involved in a divorce; we work together for their future and benefit.  Communicating together through building a parenting plan cannot help but better the parents’ future, as well as their child’s.  I have enjoyed my mediation work tremendously, it has taught me so much.  I don’t want to stop here.  I think high-quality mediators could change the world.  Honest.

I have found a lot of joy in creating my first online course that assists parents in putting together comprehensive parenting plans for their children.  My future dreams are to continue to help people by creating courses to help with communication and teaching how to mediate.

I am here and I want to help you with your conflict resolution needs.

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